Contributed Software Index

This page exists to let people know what's available in terms of software that isn't officially supported, but is managed by various people in the department because they think the software is particularly cute.

Please consult the  contrib use  page for information on using and submitting packages.

Software Title Architecture Description Maintained by Location
fvwm95 sun-solaris Windows 95 look and feel window manager. adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin 
ICQ sun-solaris Java based messaging and activity monitor. psc /home/psc/Bin/ICQJava
ivtools sun-solaris Series of tools using the  interviews widget libraries (idraw, etc.) adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin 
IE4.0 sun-solaris Unix Preview version of MS Internet Explorer. lmw /home/lmw/bin/ie4/bin
fvwm2 sun-solaris Slightly more recent version of the existing "supported" installation. tl /home/tl/pkg/fvwm2/bin 
GIMP sun-solaris Photoshop-Style image manipulation tool. Lots of cool Bells and Whistles. adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin
Plan sun-solaris Calendar and Scheduling program with alarms and group scheduling options adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin
ChordPro sun-solaris Document formatting utility for Guitar Music/Tablature adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin
QtLib sun-solaris C++ Coarse Grain Widget library (as used for Linux Explorer) adamd /home/adamd/pkg/bin
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