XC6200DS Linux Development Tools

This page contains information on, and downloadable versions of, the tools and libraries I have developed/ported to the Linux environment.  A mini-HOWTO is also available describing how to setup a linux system with the device drivers and tools below.

Device Driver

A device driver for Linux has been produced at the BYU Reconfigurable Logic Lab and is appropriate for XC6200 PCI cards adhering to the XC6200DS specification.

An enhanced version of this driver, supporting the VCC Hotworks and Fat Hotworks (XC6264) boards, has been produced here.
Download: xc6200driver-0.2.tgz

FPGA Server
A simple server for sharing a XC6200 board between multiple hosts on a network is available. Clients can use version 0.2 or higher of the PCICore libraries (compiled in remote mode) to access a networked FPGA card. Multiple cards can be hosted in a single machine.
Download: fpgad-0.1.tgz
a very basic command line tool for working with the XC6200 board. An ncurses version is in the pipeline.
Download: cpcitest-0.1.tgz
QPCITest QInspector
a richer debugging tool for XC6200 designs - works symbolically on the register/component names of your design.  Supports step by step tracing of parts of the design with table or waveform views.
Download:  screenshot , qinspec-0.2.tgz
a structural VHDL compiler specifically for XC6200 series fpgas.  I am currently supporting Velab, if you have any bugfixes.
Download: velab-0.52pl5.tgz
note. All copyrights and trademarks of Xilinx, BYU and Troll Tech.,  respectfully observed. This software is in beta release - no guarantee of quality or warranty of any kind is given or implied.
Use this software at  your own risk!  Remember to always take a backup of your system before installing any new software!

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