4. Programming the board.

Currently, two programming APIs are available in the linux environment. The first is the default C API for the BYU driver which comes bundled in the driver tar archive.

Additionally, a port of PCICore (the standard Xilinx C++ API for the XC6200), is available at http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~adamd/research/toys.html. The Linux PCICore uses the BYU C API which should be available before compiling PCICore.  Again, Linux PCIcore was ported before the revision 2 of hotworks board was available and so does not support some of the advanced features of the rev 2 board. For example, G1 single step clocking is not yet supported.

The higher levels of the design flow consist of velab and XACTstep 6000.  Velab is a command line structural VHDL compiler and is readilly available for linux. XACTStep is the standard Xilinx APR tool for the XC6200 series FPGA. At the moment, however, there is no release version of XACTStep for linux - optimists can watch this space ;)