Salsa, Scaffolding and Sicilian Pastry

Albert Street is a truly blessed street which no visit to Edinburgh should omit.

First up, the Salsa Hut is a tasty Mexican with top quality food and fine taste in decor and incidental music. It's a BYO (corkage: 1 quid wine, 50p beer). It's quite small, and sometimes the opening hours are a little erratic, so phone first. Don't miss the rellenos. I wish I could recommend the tequila sorbet, but it's so popular that by the time I get there, they never have any left. Nonetheless, let me plug the banana fritters. Mmmm mmmm.

I'm rather fond of scaffolding. It's like those groovy organic chemistry models, but big. Albert Street's got two rather nice bits. The one on the right here is really in Buchanan Street, I suppose. I'm sorry the one on the left didn't come out that well.

Don't leave town without going to Franchino's. Their cartocci are my favourite buns in the whole city. They usually go pretty quickly, so if you turn up at five to five, you'll probably have missed them. I like their savoury snacks too. Pigging out on Sicilian pastry won't break the bank, but your dentist will afterwards, unless you're very good.

Once you've got cake, wander out to Leith Walk, or else follow the painted gable.

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