In The Bathroom

This is our bathroom. Firkin likes to stand on top of the khazi or perch on the frame, poke his head out the window and sing his pigeon song:

coo to you
pretty pigeon
coo to you too
pigeon's friend
i was last in the wild
when a very small child
although sometimes i like to pretend

do you do
on the pavement?
i do my do
in a box
your world is so wide
while i'm stuck here inside
with a landscape of socks clocks and locks

boo hoo hoo
i'm so lonely
may i woo you
to the sill?
i've never been sure
what a flick-knife is for
so it's perfectly safe to sit still

Our hot water is very hot, and the bath is longer than average, both spatially and temporally, which is why there are speakers in the bathroom. If anyone stays in there too long, the rest of us play The Doors very loudly at them, as a kind of a threat.

Where can you go from here? Well, you can head into the wild beer-smelling yonder for one thing...