Elm Row Too

When it comes to fruit and veg, don't mess about with supermarkets, folks. They just buy any old rubbish, shine it up with furniture polish and then rip you off. Little shops like Tattie Shaw's have a much keener eye for good stuff and they don't need to buy bogloads of it. They're usually cheaper too. Top tip: this is the place to get good packet stoned marinated olives.

This is the nearest branch of Oddbins to my house (although the Newington Road and West End branches are both handier by bus if I'm getting a case or two). If you're in this Oddbins and they only have one bottle of Plymouth Gin left, please don't buy it. It's mine. I really like Oddbins for wine. They've also got a good line in Italian lager: Moretti in bulk, often at a very plausible discount. What they don't seem to have figured out is Czechoslosh. Yeah, they've got Budvar like everyone else, and maybe Staropramen or Pilsner Urquell, but give me Eisbrau or Nova Czech, and don't charge me more than a quid for half a litre if I'm buying twenty.

You can see how to get up and down the Walk from here, also up Brunswick Street to the left of Oddbins. I'll have a picture of McDonald Road real soon now.

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