Waverley Steps

Well, maybe you've just arrived in Edinburgh, and you're standing at the top of Waverley Steps. What advice can I give you? The most important thing is don't turn left!

Over the road is a handy little cut-through to St Andrew's Square which goes past the Guildford Arms. Check out the amazing ceiling, the crazy mirrors and all the strange little nooks and snugs. Make sure you turn up on time though: it's not called the Guildford Arms for nothing. Last election day, there were lots of men wearing suits and long faces, talking in hushed tones about `the party'. Not the party I threw that night, then... Oh, yeah, above the Guildford is the East End backpackers: just thought I'd throw in some useful information for a change.

On the other hand, you might be leaving town, in which case go down. Alternatively, you may think your shoes are irredeemable, in which case, you need a decent cobbler, like the one down here on the left.

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