458489 B Sides (Double LP/CD)

December 1990, Beggars Banquet BEGA 116 31
  God Box
  Pat-trip Dispenser
  Slang King 2
  Draygo's Guilt
  Clear Off!
  No Bulbs
  Petty Thief Lout
  Hot Aftershave Bop
  Living Too Long
  Lucifer Over Lancashire
  Auto Tech Pilot
  Shoulder Pads #1B
  Sleep Debt Snatches
  Mark'll Sink Us
  Haf Found Bormann
  Northerns in Europ
  Hit the North part 2
  Guest Informant
  Tuff Life Boogie
  Acid Priest 2088
  Cab it Up!
Cassette (BEGC 116) also contains
  Australians in Europe
Also on double CD (BEGA 116 CD)
  O! Brother (12)
  C.R.E.E.P. (12)
  Bremen Nacht Run Out
  Mark'll Sink Us      [another version]
  Kurious Oranj (live)
  Hit the North (live)

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