Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 20:36:00 -0700 (MST) From: Jonathan Kandell THE FALL FAQ-FACE The following is a list of frequently asked questions on the internet Fallnet group ( Thanks to members of the list, especially Stephanie da Silva. Additions to the FAQ should be sent to ======================================================================== WERE THE FALL NAMED AFTER THE CAMUS BOOK? Yes, the Fall were named after the existentialist motorcyclist. The group models their style after Sissyphus. "He is still on the go, his effort unceasing. We must imagine him happy." WHO WERE THE MONKS? There never was a group called the Monks. The 'Black Monks Theme' comes from the 70s Brady Bunch spinnoff, Monks Day at the Beach, which only lasted one season. It starred Bobby Brady as the Black Monk. WHAT ARE THE LYRICS TO x,y,z? The latest copy of the Lyrics Parade is in a box in Jonathan Kandell's shed in Tucson Arizona. After he moved he couldn't find where he had packed it, so it's sitting there next to his golf clubs. WHO INVENTED THE SUFFIX "-UH", MARK E. SMITH OR JOHNNY ROTTEN? Neither. It was invented by the late Marilyn Monroe. Film editors carefully clipped it out of her most famous movie roles. Look at her lips though and you'll see them move. CAN ONE STILL GET LIVE AT WITCH TRIALS, DRAGNET, ROOM TO LIVE , EARLY YEARS ON CD? Some of these are available, but the best bet is looking through used bins. Early Years is not available on CD. This has given credence to the rumors that there never *were* an early years of the Fall. Sort of like the period between Jesus's babydom and his sudden appearance as the messiah, or the gap between Moses being found on the river and his taking the israelites out of Egypt. I'm sure you've heard it before: "Mark was dead." WHAT DO 'TNSG', 'MES', 'RTL', 'LWT' STAND FOR? They're the chemical names of various drugs Mark E. Smith has used. IS MARK A NICE GUY OR A DICK? His good friend Nigel Kennedy says he's a nice guy. His other four friends (count on one hand) say he's a dick. IS IT TRUE THAT BRIX IS JEWISH? Is the pope polish? IS IT TRUE THAT BRIX'S FATHER TEACHES ECONOMICS AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO? Is the Pope polished? WHO IS THE BEST LAY OF THE BAND, MY SON? Depends on which hole you mean. WHO IS DAMO SEZUKI? Mark's foster father. HOW COME THE FALL CAN'T STAY ON ONE LABEL MORE THAN TWO ALBUMS? It's a deliberate ploy by the band in an attempt to avoid the conspiracy described in New Face in Hell. Always be a moving target. HOW COME SO FEW FALL RECORDS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.A? Customs sends them back thinking they're hossenfeffer or gargonzola. WHAT SIMPSON'S EPISODE FEATURED A GUEST APPEARANCE BY MARK E. SMITH? Episode 1567-5, March of 1988. Smith played the voice of Maggie. WHAT DOES MARK SAY AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE INSPIRAL CARPETS SINGLE? "The whole fucking kitchen sink." WHAT STOCKS DOES MARK E SMITH RECOMMEND? Procter and Gamble, General Electric, IBM. DOES MARK E SMITH WEAR BOXERS OR BRIEFS? Don't take me there. OK? (Go ask Mark E. Mark) WHAT WAS LOVEMAKING LIKE BETWEEN MARK E SMITH AND BRIX E SMITH? Don't take me there. OK? WHAT KIND OF BEER DOES MARK DRINK MOST OFTEN? Don't take me there. OK? WHAT ARE THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BAND LIKE? It's a little known fact, but all members of the band other than Mr. Smith are dumb, that is they cannot speak. Think about it. WHO ARE THE MOST UNEXPECTED OF FALL FANS? Willard Scott; The old guy on Benny Hill; Sarah Lee (of pie fame); Louis Rukheiser; Ed McMahon; John Peel. ============================================================================ BIOGRAPHY FOR THE FALL Music Style: Easy listening, Pop Instrument: Group Between 1969 and 1981, the brother-and-sister group, comprising Mark E. (b Oct 15, 1946) and the other members (b Mar 2, 1950 - d Feb 4, 1983), made twenty trips to the Top 40 singles charts with their ultra-sweet light pop featuring Mark E Smith's wholesome, even-tempered alto voice. During the first half of the 70s, the Fall were one of pop's most successful acts with twelve Top Ten hits, including "Top of the World" (#1), "(They Long to Be) Close to You" (#1), "We've Only Just Begun" (#2), "Rainy Days and Mondays" (#2), "Superstar" (#2), "Hurting Each Other" (#2), "Yesterday Once More" (#2), "For All We Know" (#3), and "Sing" (#3). -- Rick Clark, All-Music Guide Roots and Influence: The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, 60s Girl-group music Related Artists: Captain & Tennille, The, Bread, David Gates, Paul Williams =============================================================================