Folder:    fall/44   
To:        Multiple recipients of list
From:      andrew john richardson 
Date:      Wed, 26 Oct 1994 11:47:16 -0400
Subject:   Songs the fall should do

Well, IMHO, the mighty fall should be asked to do the official England
European Championship Finals Footie Song for 1996. The abysmal John Barnes/
New Order effort should be easily eclipsed. The 'song' would be a cynical
effort like Kicker Conspiracy and would bring out all MES's pet hates (which
I'm not gonna mention here!) while the backdrop music would be Container
Driver-ish, choogling along. The video would be of the lads hanging around
pubs drinking and smoking, pissing up against Old Trafford, mooching around
empty terraces and scoffing shitty burgers. 

IF MCFC get to Wembley this season for the FA Cup final then the Fall AND,
oh yes, Oasis (even more ardent MCFC fans) would do the official MCFC Wembley 
song. This would be be a remake of O! Brother (Brother are MCFC sponsors
and of course, there are the two brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher in
Oasis). The hook-line would go: 

Oh Brother, we are at Wem-ber-ley

This would require TOTP appearances and mandatory fighting on stage between
the freres Gallagher with MES prowling around acting as referee. Oh yes,
I can just see it now.....