From Wed Mar 17 22:04:24 1993 Xref: Path:!edcastle!uknet!!mcsun!sun4nl!dutrun!dutrun2!recmusic From: (Rob Vaughn) Newsgroups:, Subject: DISCOGRAPHY: Sonic Youth Discography part 1 Message-ID: <> Date: 17 Mar 93 15:23:26 GMT Sender: (UseNet News System) Reply-To: Followup-To: Organization: Cornell-Materials-Science-Center Lines: 912 Approved: Originator: recmusic@cygnus Nntp-Posting-Host: Sonic Youth Discography, last updated 3/13/93 Copyright 1992,93 by Rob Vaughn Any corrections, additions, or suggestions to the above address would be appreciated. There are several pieces mentioned at the end that I could use additional information on before adding them to the "discography proper". Bonus points for bootleg information, vinyl or CD only please. Hats off to Dave Datta for the discography archives. Thanks go out to the Sonic Crew for their comments, contributions, and support, in alphabetical order: Sam ???, Kurt Adam, Jens Alfke, Antti Autio, Ludvig Borgne, Andy Bowser, Daniel Cohen, Jon Copeland, Chaka, Graeme Cross, Sean Duncan, Ben Drucker, Brian Eck, John Exby, Michael G. Goldsman, Aeyal Gross, John Haas, Eugene Hopstetter, Joshua Houk, Sam Hughes, Kari Juhani, Jim Kan, Eamonn Keane, John Klimasek, Thomas J. Lee, Gilles Lesventes, Joe Mahoney, David Moor, Steve Norton, Aaron Oppenheimer, Ernest M. Paik, Soren Petersen, Paul Rank, Daniel Rench, Marten Sahlen, Martin Schmeil, Beth Ann Schaefer, Richard Shapiro, Andrew Shires, Christine Sievanen, Jean-Yves Simon, Eric Sinclair, Wilson Smith, Robert Steinberger, Volker Stewart, Seth Tisue, Vinicius Vasconcellos, Johannes Waldmann, Henry Weld, & woj ============================================================================== "I'm kinda glad I was able to come out of one successful band and sort of get into another one. It kind of established me as... I don't know... I feel weird in a way because I totally, like, laid the groundwork for two bands and now I'm totally fucking broke." -- Bob Bert (and his ego), drummer for Pussy Galore ============================================================================== Lineup ====== Bass: Kim Gordon Guitar: Thurston Moore Guitar: Lee Ranaldo Drums: Richard Edson (1982), Jim Sclavunos (1983), Bob Bert (1983-85), Steve Shelley (1986-present). Current Info ============ The video for "1991: The Year Punk Broke," which has been travelling the art film circuit, will be available for purchase in late February 1993 >from DGC. The price is unknown at this time, but it should be available in high-school-kid-clogged malls across America. DGC will also be re-releasing older Youth material from _Confusion is Sex_ up to _Daydream Nation_, as well as Ciccone Youth material throughout 1993. A *complete* discography ("much better than this one" says Steve Shelley) by Sonic insider and buddy Epic Soundtracks will be printed in an upcoming Sonic Death Fan Club letter, so join before this gets published or miss out forever. I am hoping to get permission to glean material from it to add to this. ============================================================================== "[Sonic-Youth] was the best record that anyone from the New York scene had done at that point... it was so fuckin' great..." -- Glenn Branca ============================================================================== Releases ======== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic-Youth" 1982 - 12" EP/CS on Neutral (Neutral 001, UK) 1982 - 12" EP/CS on Zensor (ND 01, UK) 1987 - 12" EP/CS/CD reissued on SST (SST097, US) Songs: I Don't Want To Push It / The Good And The Bad / The Burning Spear / I Dreamed I Dream / She Is Not Alone Notes: Etched on SST version side one - "We love you dinasour" [sic]; on side two - "SST's gotta lotta nerve" [sic]. On the cassette version only, side one is all five of the songs and side two is the same but recorded backwards. There are no etchings on the Zensor release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Confusion is Sex" 1983 - LP/CS on Neutral (Neutral Nine, UK) 1983 - LP/CS on Zensor (ND 02, Germany) 1987 - LP/CS/CD reissued on SST (SST096, US) Songs: (she's in a) BAD MOOD - version / Protect Me You / Freezer Burn/I Wanna Be Your Dog / Shaking Hell / Inhuman / The World Looks Red / Confusion Is Next / Making The Nature Scene / Lee Is Free Notes: Neutral was founded by Glenn Branca. Zensor was responsible for the European release. LGW was a publishing company that screwed the Youth in the early days. Etched on SST version side one - "Birth of John Spencer or what?"; on side two - "Neutral, Zensor, LGW, - Rip us off you need to -". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Making The Nature Scene" 1983 - 7" single on Forced Exposure (FE-001, US) Songs: Making The Nature Scene / I Killed Christgau With My Big Fucking Dick Notes: Giveaway from Forced Exposure magazine, now out of print. Rare, as only 1246 copies were printed. Also known as "Overkill Yr Idols." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Kill Yr Idols" 1983 - 12" EP on Zensor (Zensor 10, UK) Songs: Protect Me You / Shaking Hell (1+2) / Kill Yr. Idols / Brother James / Early American Notes: The first side is from "Confusion is Sex" and a live version of "Shaking Hell"; I think "Early American" isn't available elsewhere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "If you only have a certain amount of money to spend making a record, there's a sense of spontaneity, because you don't have time to go over everything until it's perfect. You can end up with a really bad record, too - it's more of a coin flip." -- Kim Gordon ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Bad Moon Rising" 1985 - LP/CS on Homestead Records (HMS016, US) 1985 - LP/CS on Blast First (BFFP1, UK) 1987 - LP on AuGoGo (ANDA66, Australia) Songs: Intro / Brave Men Run / Society Is A Hole / I Love Her All The Time / Ghost Bitch / I'm Insane / Justice Is Might / Death Valley '69 Notes: Etched on the UK version side one - "It's a bird in the hand, it's a modern land - Sonics Rendsvouz" [sic]; on side two - "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best". Blast First (founded by Paul Smith) became SY's European label at this point, and remain so at this time. There are no etchings on the Homestead version. The AuGoGo release has the same etchings as the UK release and was also available in a big silver envelope, with a poster and a copy of the "Evol" LP. 198? - CD on Blast First (BFFP1CD) Songs: Intro / Brave Men Run / Society Is A Hole / I Love Her All The Time / Ghost Bitch / I'm Insane / Justice Is Might / Death Valley '69 / Satan is Boring / Flower / Halloween / Echo Canyon Notes: On the Blast First version of the CD "Halloween" is track 10, and "Flower" was set up as the lead-in groove (negative time) to that track. To play "Flower" you have to skip to "Satan..." and then jump to the end. Plus, for some reason, if you skip to track 10 and push play, some CD players hang and sit there forever doing nothing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Death Valley '69" 1984 - 7" single on Iridescence (I-12, UK) Songs: Death Valley '69 / Brave Men Run 1985 - 12" EP on Homestead Records (HMS021, US) 1985 - 12" EP on Blast First (BFFP2, UK) Songs: Death Valley '69 / I Dreamed I Dream / In Human / Brother James / Satan Is Boring Notes: Etched on side one of the Homestead version - "Raygun or Manson, its the same thing." and on side two - "The S. Factor was ok on the day." The Iridescence 7" has side one - "We all sleep here" and "Turn me on dead man", side two reads "We went on down, there was no place else to go." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Flower/Halloween" 1985 - 12" single on Homestead Records (HMS047, US) 1985 - 12" single on Blast First (BFFP3, UK) Songs: Flower / Halloween Notes: The etchings on the US version: side one - "Flowers"; side two - "Halloween!!" Written on the label is - "one edge ripped, the other slipped." The Blast First release is on clear orange vinyl; etchings: side one - "To Cody R and all sonic suns"; side two - "I am the boy who can enjoy invisibility - J.J." Thurston is billed as "Thurston Sonic" on this release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Flower" 1985 - 7" single on Blast First (7BFFP3) Songs: Flower (Anti Fuckword Radio Edit) / Rewolf (Special Natas Mix) Notes: "Rewolf" is a mix of "Flower" backwards (at very low fidelity.) The anti-fuckword edit is very funny. It's just the song with a huge unpleasant beep over every "fuck", which is quite as obscene as the original song in its own way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Halloween II" 1985 - 12" single on Blast First (BFFP3, UK) Songs: Halloween Notes: This is a one-sided 12" single with a Savage Pencil drawing pressed in the vinyl. Etched on the drawing side - "I am the boy that can enjoy invisibility" and on the music side - "Trick or treat master monster mix". Rare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "There is no greater example of freedom in modern music than Sonic Youth." -- Mike Watt, Minutemen and fIREHOSE ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Evol" 1986 - LP/CS on SST/Ecstatic Peace (SST059, US) 1986 - LP/CS on Blast First (BFFP4, UK) 1987 - LP on AuGoGo (ANDA67, Australia) Songs: Tom Violence / Shadow Of A Doubt / Star Power / In The Kingdom #19 / Green Light / Death To Our Friends / Secret Girls / Marilyn Moore / Expressway To Yr Skull 1986? - CD on SST (SST CD 059, US) 1986 - CD on Blast First (BFFP4, UK) Songs: Tom Violence / Shadow Of A Doubt / Star Power / In The Kingdom #19 / Green Light / Death To Our Friends / Secret Girls / Marilyn Moore / Expressway To Yr Skull / Bubblegum Notes: "Expressway To Yr Skull" is also listed as "Madonna, Sean, And Me" and "The Crucifixion of Sean Penn." The LP release has a locked groove. Etched in the SST version side one - "Destroy all record labels", and on side two - "Everything turns black to blue". The Blast First version only has the side two etching. The AuGoGo release was available by itself or packaged with the "Bad Moon Rising" LP in a big silver envelope with a poster. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Starpower" 1986 - 7" on Blast First (BFFP7, UK) Songs: Starpower (edit) / Bubblegum 1986 - 12" EP/CS on SST (SST080, US) 1986 - 12" on Blast First (BFFP7, UK) 1990? - CD3/CD5 on SST (SST080CD, US) Songs: Starpower (edit) / Bubblegum / Expressway To Yr Skull (edit) Notes: Etched on the Blast First 7" version side one - "We tweek, we squeak, we freak"; side two - "We're not homos, we rock (!!!)" but this is crossed out and followed by "We're rough, we're tough, we've had enough". The 12" single is only etched on the B side - "Ganymedean slime molos; We're rough, we're tough, we've had enough". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Walls Have Ears" 1986 - 2xLP on Not Records (NOT 1 (BUT 2), UK) Songs: C.B. / Green Love / Brother James / Kill Yr. Idols / "Mad" Groove / I Love Her All The Time / Expressway To Yr. Skull / Spahn Ranch Dance / Blood on Brighton Beach / Burning Spear / Death Valley '69 / Speed Jamc / Ghost Bitch / The World Looks Red / The Word (E.V.O.L.) / Brother Jam-Z / Killed & Kicked Off Notes: Limited edition live bootleg that has been pressed at least three times, possibly distributed in the U.S. by now-defunct Rough Trade. Not Records is an offshoot of Blast First which releases official/semi-official live recordings of Blast First artists. The first pressing is distinguishable from the latter release by (1) a higher quality glossy gatefold sleeve (2) high quality inner sleeves for both LPs (not photocopied inserts) and (3) numbered edition of 500. It is currently selling for around $110. The later pressings are probably counterfeits, the second selling for $75 and the third for $35. There is also a counterfeit CD version that's an album-transfer job. The tracks are from the Bad Moon Rising Tour. "C.B." is Claude Bessy of Catholic Discipline (from the film "The Decline Of Western Civilization Part One" - remember the line "Zere iz noh such t'ing as new weve... it is all zee product of some lame cunt's imagination..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sister" 1987 - LP/CS on SST (SST134, US) 1987 - LP/CS on Blast First (BFFP20, UK) 1987 - LP on AuGoGo (ANDA60, Australia) Songs: Schizophrenia / (I Got A) Catholic Block / Beauty Lies In The Eye / Stereo Sanctity / Pipeline/Killtime / Tuff Gnarl / P.C.H. / Hot Wire My Heart / Kotton Krown / White Kross 198? - CD on SST (SST CD 134, US) 1987 - CD on Blast First (BFFP20CD, UK) Songs: Schizophrenia / (I Got A) Catholic Block / Beauty Lies In The Eye / Stereo Sanctity / Pipeline/Killtime / Tuff Gnarl / P.C.H. / Hot Wire My Heart / Kotton Krown / White Kross / Master Dik (The Non-Beatbox Version) Notes: The official word from Steve Shelley on the blacked-out pictures on the album is as follows with my comments in brackets: "The Avedon photo [of the girl in overalls] is blacked out because Avedon threatened to sue. The Disney photo was blacked out by confused or paranoid SST workers." Some copies of the LP were released with black stickers over the pictures which were easy to remove. Later pressings have the pictures blacked out on the original artwork, but there were still a few unaltered and unstickered copies released as recently as 1990. I don't believe that the CD was ever stickered, but both blacked-out and original versions exist. The European Blast First CD comes with the picture of the girl blacked out and the Disney card intact, as it should be. The Australian release comes in a gatefold sleeve with no pictures blacked out. The song "Schizophrenia" is tenuously based an experience Phillip K. Dick had with a woman who wore a golden chain with a fish symbol on it. The lyrics "I can't get laid 'cause everyone is dead" and "Only apparently, real to irreal" from "Stereo Sanctity" is from PKD's _Valis_ novel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sister Interview Disc" 1987 - LP on Blast First (CHAT1, UK) Songs: The Sister Concept / Schizophrenia / Sonic Song Structure & Method / The Forthcoming Vids / Tuff Gnarl / Da Noo Yark Scene / Food Favorites / Sonic Signoff Notes: Interview with the band by Byron Coley of Forced Exposure magazine, May 14, 1987, in the Sonic Home on Eldridge St. New York City. Somewhat short, very silly, Steve says two words, maybe. Etched on side one - "SONIC YOUTH EAT DOGGY DICKS"; side two - "A BYRON COLEY FUCKING SUCK UP 'N' STEVE SHELLY SHUT UP." Etched on both sides - "A PORKY PRIME CUT." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I Wanna Be Your Dog" 1987 - 7" single bootleg Songs: I Wanna Be Your Dog (with Iggy Pop) b/w Sister Notes: Etched on side one - "DOG", and on side two - "Cat." The date listed for the show is Town & Country 4 June 87. Says "Uncut Uncensored RAW Made in U.K." in lower right of back cover (with a distorted pic of Thurston). Front cover is a Sonic Youth portrait by Sav X. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Master Dik" 1987 - EP on SST (SST155, US) 1987 - EP on Blast First (BFFP26t, UK) Songs: Master=Dik / Beat On The Brat / Under The Influence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain / Ringo/He's On Fire/Florida Oil Drums/WestMinster Chimes / Chinese Jam / Vibrato/Guitar Lick/Funky Fresh / Our Backyard / Traffik Notes: Etched on the SST version side one - "Ciccone death rock dream tinkle" and on side two - "Humpy pumpy psychoacoustik frenzy". The Blast First etchings are the same. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "Thurston Moore? Is that your real name? Do you like have a mother and shit?" -- Gibby, Butthole Surfers ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic Death" 1988 - CS/CD SST/Ecstatic Peace! (SST181, US) 1988 - CS/CD Blast First (BFFP32, UK) Notes: Live tracks from 1981 to 1983. There are no song titles listed, nor are there breaks between most songs. Running time is about 65 minutes. This was not pressed on vinyl to the best of my knowledge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Daydream Nation" 1988 - 2xLP/CS/CD on Enigma (75403-02, US) 1988 - 2xLP/CS/CD on Blast First (BFFP34, UK) 1988 - CD on BMG Compact Disc (D-201076, US) 1988 - 2xLP on AuGoGo (ANDA90, Australia) 1992 - CS/CD rerelease on Blast First/Mute in U.S. (BFFP 34 CD, UK) 1993 - CS/CD reissue on DGC (???, US) Songs: Teen Age Riot / Silver Rocket / The Sprawl / 'Cross The Breeze / Eric's Trip / Total Trash / Hey Joni / Providence / Candle / Rain King / Kissability / Trilogy: (a) The Wonder; (b) Hyperstation; (z) Eliminator Jr. Notes: The album originally came in a gatefold sleeve with a poster, and was released in the US on the Enigma label, which went under a couple of years later. Since then the album has been difficult to find, and import prices on the CD often exceeded $25. Recently it has become available again through a licensing agreement with Mute, and will be reissued on DGC in 1993. The CD booklet has a different band photo than the album. Etched on side one - "Rock and Roll for president". The infinity symbol represents Lee Ranaldo (see Lee's "From Here To Infinity" LP for details.) Side two - "Star strangled Bangles". The female symbol represents Kim Gordon, of course. Side three - "Destory all record labels, part 2 - high, end". The omega symbol is Thurston Moore, which stands for Leo, his astrological sign. Side four - "No sleep till Rhino". The devil drummer with the cross up his butt is Steve Shelley, and is the design on the Sonic Death Fan Club pin. The cover paintings are by German artist Gerhard Richter (born 1931.) "Providence" is based on a sound from an overheating amp that Shelley said was making weird noises due to something they put in it. The vocal is an answering machine message from Mike Watt to Thurston, scolding him for losing guitar cables. The part that says "...your memory just goes out the window..." is apparently a reference to memory loss from smoking pot, referred to as "mota." The message makes more sense if one assumes the lost "object" is weed rather than guitar cables. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Silver Rocket" 1988 - 7" single on Forced Exposure (FE-012 on vinyl, FE-014 on cover, US) Songs: Silver Rocket / You Pose You Lose / Non-Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee Notes: Giveaway from Forced Exposure magazine, now out of print. Cover by "Paquito Bolino." Rare. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Teenage Riot" 1988 - 7" flexi by The Catalogue (CAT064, UK) Songs: Teen Age Riot Notes: The Catalogue is an English monthly magazine that addresses the British indie record business. The flexi appeared with an interview with the band in one of the issues (specifics unknown.) On the back side is an exclusive Savage Pencil illustration. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Providence" 1989 - 7" single on Blast First (BFFP48, UK) Songs: Providence (stereo) / Providence (mono) Notes: European promo without picture sleve. Fairly common. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Candle (Edit)" 1989 - 12" EP on Enigma/Blast First (EPRO-193, UK) Songs: Candle (Edit) / Intro* / Hey Joni* / Flower+ / Ghost Bitch+ / Conversation Notes: Songs 2 & 3 recorded live at the Roxy, Los Angeles Late Show on 19 November 1988. Songs 4 & 5 recorded live on Solstice, Los Angeles 21 December 1985. All "tapes from the Rollins Tape Vault". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Warpower" 1989 - 7" single bootleg (Germany?) Songs: Teenage Riot (live Hamburg 1989) / Starpower (live Baton Rouge 1986) Notes: The correct name for this should have been "Wattpower" (after Mike Watt of fIREHOSE fame.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Speak No Evol" 1989 - 7" bootleg single on Maida Vale Studio (UK) Songs: Corporate Ghost / Ruben's Beard / Major Label Chicken Feed / Clippers Notes: One side of the single has "Addicted to Kim" engraved on it, the other has "Birmingham Loves You" engraved. All the songs are instrumentals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Killer Kills All" 1989 - LP bootleg (GEMA-LC8214, Germany) Songs: Intro by Iggy Pop (Detroit 1974) / I Wanna Be Yr Dog (live with Iggy Pop 1987) / White Kross (live 1987) / I Got A Catholic Block (live 1987) / Kill Yr Idols (live 1987) / I Love Her All The Time (live 1985) / The World Looks Red (live 1985) / New Speedway Boogie (1987 radio special) / Death Valley '69 (Flaming Lips with Thurston Moore 1987) / Silver Rocket (Videomix 1989) / The Bridge (Lee Ranaldo studio track 1985) / Fucking Youth Today Thurston Moore studio 1982) / Within You Without You (BBC studio 1986) / The Closet (original by Teenage Jesus & the Jerks by Harry Crews, live Hamburg 1988) / European Son / (original by Velvet Underground, Thurston Moore studio track 1988) / Brother James (live 1985) Notes: Contains three inserts: a tracklisting, a sketch by Lee and the following poem: "Thurston Moore Sonic Confession - Bless me father for I have sinned Its been a fucking coon's-age since my last confession I made love Goodbye." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "One of the advantages of having Sonic Youth on a major label is that suddenly we're a legitimate alternative to Whitesnake. But we would never want to be a forced alternative. In other words, we would never, ever tailor our tastes to be an obvious pop option." -- Thurston Moore ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Goo" 1990 - LP/CS/CD on DGC (24297-D2, US) Songs: Dirty Boots / Tunic (Song for Karen) / Mary-Christ / Kool Thing / Mote / My Friend Goo / Disappearer / Mildred Pierce / Cinderella's Big Score / Scooter + Jinx / Titanium Expose' Notes: The European release included a 7" with first 3000 printed. Side one - "Kool Thing (8 track demo version)" and side two is the flexi disc interview. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Kool Thing" 1990 - EP on DGC (24297-D2/D4G, US) Songs: Kool Thing / That's All I Know (Right Now) 1990 - 12" single promo on DGC (PRO-A-4123, US) Songs: Kool Thing / Kool Thing (8-track demo version) 1990 - CD5 promo on DGC (PRO-CD-4123, US) Songs: Kool Thing 1990 - EP/CD on Geffen (GEF 81cd-7599-21616-2, Germany) Songs: Kool Thing / That's All I Know (Right Now) / Dirty Boots (Rock and Roll Heaven Version)/ Kool Thing (8-track demo version) Notes: Guest vocals on "Kool Thing" by Chuck D of Public Enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Disappearer" 1990 - 12" EP/CD5 on DGC (24297-D2/21623-2, US) Songs: Disappearer (edit) / Disappearer (8-track demo version) / That's All I Know (Right Now) / Dirty Boots (8-track demo version/long version) 1990 - 12"/CD5 single promo on DGC (PRO-A-4172/PRO-CD-4172, US) Songs: Disappearer (edit) / Disappearer (LP version) / Disappearer (8-track demo version) Notes: The girl on the cover of the DGC 12" is none other than the semi-famous then-underage American porn star Traci Lords, who is now a "legitimate" actress in the U.S. The CD comes with a fold-out booklet with 8 Pettibon drawings. Add that to more of his drawings on the front cover, back cover, inside flap and CD itself, and there's 12 in all. It's the most elaborate CD single packaging I've seen. Some of the CD-only promo copies come with a black velvet cover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dirty Boots" 1990 - 12" EP/CD on DGC (DGCDS-21634, US) Songs: Dirty Boots (edit) / White Kross (live) / Eric's Trip (live) / Cinderella's Big Score (live) / Dirty Boots (live) / The Bedroom (live and previously unreleased) Notes: Domestic release, 30+ minutes of music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic Youth Interview Soundsheet" 1990 - flexi-disc single on DGC (EV-106-610-00-1 ST, US) Notes: Real short interview with the band, includes a funky picture with the clearest picture of Kim Gordon I have ever seen (she looks like a fucking elf in this shot). Brief and obscure explanations of some of the songs on "Goo." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Kooler Thing" 1990 - 7" single bootleg (US?) Songs: Bookstore (Mote) / Lee #2 / Dirty Boots Notes: Bootleg from the Goo LP outtakes. "Bookstore" became "Mote" for the album. Cover has original photograph used for Ray Pettibon's "Goo" cover artwork. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Goo (8-track demos)" 1990 - marbled green vinyl LP bootleg (country?) 1991 - CD from Sonic Death Fan Club (SD13001) Songs: Tunic / Number one / Titanium Expose / Dirty Boots / Corky / My Pal Goo / Bookstore / Animal Song / Du II / Blow Job / Notorious Rockin' Lee Notes: Nice gatefold sleeve, nice photos that look hand-colored. Around $18. There is no date information on the record. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Moo" 1990? - CD bootleg on Handmade Records (Germany) Songs: Tunic / Number one / Titanium Expose / Dirty Boots / My Pal Goo / Bookstore / Animal Song / Du II / Blow Job / Notorious Rockin' Lee Notes: One source claims it's identical to the "Goo (8-track demos)" release mentioned above, except on CD. Another claims it's both that and the "Blowjob" bootleg mentioned later, and possibily more. Seen for around $25-28. I'm still looking for more details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Personality Crisis" 1990 - 7" single bootleg (country?) Songs: Personality Crisis / Disappear / Beat on the Brat / Red Vinyl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Personality Crisis" 1991 - 7" in Sassy Magazine (DGC 7-19664-dj, US) Songs: Personality Crisis b/w Dirty Boots (8-track demo short version) Notes: The issue in which this appeared is not known to me. It does have an official DGC catalog number, and is limited to 1000 copies. It is different than the bootleg with the same title released in 1990. This is a regular vinyl release, not a flexi as noted earlier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Anarchy on St. Mary's Place" 1991 - CD bootleg on Youth Records (YTH-082, Germany) Songs: Halloween / Death Valley '69 / Intro / Brave Men Run / Madonna / I Love Her All the Time / Ghost Bitch / I'm Insane / Instrumental / Brother James / Kill Your Idols / (Piano) / Flower / Express Way to Your Skull Notes: Live, recorded at Smart Bar, Chicago, Nov. 8 1985, with _Goo_ promo pictures on the cover. Going for around $25-28. The correct name should be "Anarchy on St. Mark's Place" according to Steve Shelley. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Blow Job" 1991 - CD bootleg on Youth Records (YTH-086, Germany) Songs: Tunic / Number One / Titanium Expose' / Dirty Boots I / Dirty Boots II / Corky / My Friend Goo / Bookstore / Animal Song / Dull / Mildred Pierce / Notorious Rockin' Lee Notes: 8 track demos for _Goo_. Going for around $25-28. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hold That Tiger" 1991 - LP bootleg on Goofin' Records (US) Songs: Intro / Schizophrenia / Tom Violence / White Kross / Kotton Krown / Stereo Sanctity / Brother James / Pipeline/Kill Time / Catholic Block / Tuff Gnarl / Death Valley '69 / Beauty Lies In The Eye / Expressway To Yr Skull / Pacific Coast Highway. Encore: Loadmouth / I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You / Today Yr Love Tomorrow The World / Beat On The Brat Notes: Live bootleg, offered through Forced Exposure. Excellent quality. 59 minutes of music in "Galacto Fidelity". Produced by Albini. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "I really like playing with this band and I really like the things we're doing now. I think the drums are something different in this band, but I think a lot of people don't notice that, or maybe they do and just don't say anything." -- Steve Shelley ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "All Fall Down" 1991 - 7" single bootleg (US) Songs: Psycho Mafia / Rowche Rumble / My New House "Four Tunna Brix" 1991 - 12" EP bootleg on Goofin' Records (US) Songs: Rowche Rumble / Psycho Mafia / My New House / Victoria Notes: Bootleg, covers three and four songs by The Fall, respectively. "Victoria" is actually a cover of The Fall who are in turn covering The Kinks. Taken from the Peel Sessions on 10/19/88. Etched on one side of "All Fall Down" is "Daydream Believers." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Bad Mood" 1991 - 2x7" bootleg on unknown label Songs: Making the Nature Scene / World Looks Red / Bad Mood / Brother James / Kill Your Idols Notes: Live in Sweden, 1983. Beautiful gatefold sleeve with full color promo pictures (though a couple are with Steve Shelley.) The sound quality is passable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Live in Vienna 1989" 1991 - bootleg CD on Oblivion (OR CD 9105, Italy) Songs: Silver Rocket / The Wonder / Hyperstation / Eric's Trip / Candle / Kissability / The Sprawl / Teenage Riot / Hey Joni / White Cross / Eliminator Jr. Notes: Recorded in Vienna 1989. Sells for $20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic Death #1302 Live at the Continental Club" 1992 - CD from Sonic Death Fan Club (US) Songs: Tom Violence / Shadow of a Doubt / Starpower / Secret Girls / Death To Our Friends / Green Light / Kill Yr Idols / Ghost Bitch / Expressway (cut) / World Looks Red / Confusion (indeed) Notes: Live at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas, April 12, 1986. The liner notes read "This was the first live show of the songs from EVOL, at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas. The next day we would sputter through a set for New Music America in Houston, outdoors like a sideshow act on some sort of weird float, our music vanishing amongst the tall ugly bldgs downtown, in broad daylight. This night, however, things felt pretty good, despite borrowed amps+ drums (thanks to Furniture) and a set of (almost) all new songs- untried, stepping off the cliff. Our future soundman Terry Pearson was part owner of the Continental at the time, and he did the house sound for this and hundreds of other gigs there. The original cassette recording was made by Austin film-maker Bill Daniels; Wharton Tiers transferred it to digital; the end music is by Steve Fitch (Summer '86) and came with the tape. -LR 91" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic Life" 1992 - booklet (ISBN 88-7226-050-7) and 7" single (SCONC 020, Italy) Songs: Shaking Hell (live) / Little Jammy Thing Notes: An official band-acknowledged release by Guido Chiesa, a buddy of the band. The booklet contains lyrics, interviews, pictures, a partial discography, and biographical information. It is soft-bound and the size of a 7" record with cover, and sells for around $20. It is published by Materiali Sonori Exports, 52027 San Giovanni V.No. Italy. The first song was recorded live at Vera, Groningen in The Netherlands. The second was recorded on 8/8/91. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "100%" 1992 - CD5 on DGC (DGCDM-21735, US) 1992 - 12" on DGC (DGCT11, US) 1992 - 10" on DGC? (DGCV11, US) Songs: 100% / Creme Brulee / Genetic / Hendrix Necro 1992 - 7" on DGC (DGCS11) Songs: 100% / Creme Brulee Notes: The first two tracks are album cuts. The second was mixed by Andy Wallace. The vinyl is a European-only release, most likely illegal in the U.S. due to parallel import agreements. The European version of the CD5 is identical except that it comes in a digi-pak instead of a jewel box, so U.S. buyers can skip the higher price. The 10" is on orange vinyl and supposedly limited in edition, although it is being given away free in France with the album in some shops. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dirty" 1992 - 2xLP/CS/CD on DGC (DGC/DGCC/DGCD-24485, DGCD-24493, US) 1992 - CD on DGC (MVCG-92 (DGCD-24495), Japan) Songs: 100% / Swimsuit Issue / Theresa's Sound-world / Drunken Butterfly / Shoot / Wish Fulfillment / Sugar Kane / Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit / Youth Against Fascism / Nic Fit / On The Strip / Chapel Hill / JC / Stalker (LP-only bonus track) / Purr / Creme Brulee Notes: There are two US versions of the CD, a regular edition (DGCD-24485) that comes with a standard dark gray CD tray, and the "risque" version (DGCD 24493), limited edition 50000, which comes with a transparent amber CD tray with an off-color graphic visible under it. "Swimsuit Issue" does mention every single model in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In the UK, the "dirty" version came with a clear, colorless tray instead. The double album contains an "album-only" bonus track. This also appears as the last track on the Japanese release, although it is not listed in the CD booklet. The Japanese CD tray is opaque white, but the "dirty" picture can be found underneath. The booklet also comes with lyrics, although the translation is rather poor. The man pictured in the CD jacket is performance artist Mike Kelley, in a photo from high school. He was featured in an article on "bad art" in The Utne Reader. His stuffed animals are available from the Sonic Death Fan Club. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Youth Against Fascism" 1992 - 7" promo on DGC (???) Songs: Youth Against Fascism (Clean Version) / Youth Against Fascism (Album Version) 1992 - 7"/10" on DGC? (???/GFSV26) Songs: Youth Against Fascism (clean-ex mix) / Purr (from the Mark Goodier BBC program) / Youth Against Fascism (LP version) 1992 - CD5 on DGC (GFSTD 26, France) 1992 - CD5 on DGC (GED 21756, Germany) Songs: Youth Against Fascism (clean-ex mix) / Purr (Mark Goodier session version) / The Destroyed Room (previously unreleased) / Youth Against Fascism (LP version) Notes: The U.S. promo version has the two versions only. "The Destroyed Room" is "The Bedroom" from the _Dirty Boots_ single with Kim doing the vocals. The packaging is simple black and white with a cross on the cover. The 10" comes on white vinyl, etched on both sides is "ORLAKE." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "The Mira Tapes" 1992 - CD bootleg on Wombat Tontraeger (no catalog #, Germany) Songs: Mote / Song For Karen / Dirty Boots / Chapel Hill / I Love Her All The Time / Mary Christ / Kool Thing / Expressway (for Patti Smith) / Spot'ssz Christ Notes: Live recordings from Bremen, Germany (27.8.91) 1991 done with DAT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Happiness is a Warm Gun..." 1992 - bootleg CD on Bad Fuck (???) Songs: Personality Crisis (New York Dolls) / Dirty Boots (Demo) / Is It My Body? (Alice Cooper) / Flower (Anti Fuckword Radio Edit) / I Wanna Be Your Dog (with Iggy Pop) / Song for Karen (live, Hamburg) / Computer Song (Neil Young) / Burning Farm (Shonen Knife) / Gum / Electric Pen / Disappearer (Demo) / That's All I Know / White Cross / Sister (The Town & Country, 6/4/87) / Rewolf (Special Natas Mix) / It's An Interview / My Friend Goo (Hamburg) / Cinderella's Big Score (Hamburg) Notes: A compilation of "bootleg/rare material," includes bad copies of other bootlegs and promo material, plus some poorly recorded live tracks from a concert in Hamburg on 9/17/90. Definitely AVOID! The first song is from the Personality Crisis single, the second and tenth are from the _Dirty Boots_ single, the third is from the Sub Pop double-single, the fourth and thirteenth are from a radio promo, the fifth is from the SY/Iggy bootleg, the sixth is from _The Bridge_ compilation, the seventh from the Shonen Knife tribute album, and the eighth and ninth are from the Mirror/Dash single. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sonic Youth "The Social Power Performance" Lee Ranaldo/Sonic Youth 1992 - bootleg CD on Blue Knights Records (BKR 05) Songs Lee Ranaldo - "Social Power" / The Wonder / Hyperstation / Eric's Trip / Confusion Is Next / She's In A Bad Mood / Brother James / Kill Yr Idols / Burning Spear Notes: Lee Ranaldo's piece is 30:06 minutes long and is live at Espace Ornano, Paris, from last October (1992.) Sonic Youth's part is 45 minutes long ("Hyperstation" is 12:26.) Edition of 1000 copies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sugar Kane" 1993 - CD5 on DGC (DGCDM-21818, US) Songs: Sugar Kane (Edit) / The Destroyed Room / Purr (Acoustic/Mark Goodier Version) / The End Of The End Of The Ugly Notes: Track 3 recorded by Miti Adhikari, remixed by Butch Vig. Track 4 recorded and mixed by SY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Whores Moaning: Oz '93 Tour Edition" 1993 - 12"/CD on Geffen (GEFDM 21783, Australia) Songs: Sugar Kane (Edit) / Personality Crisis / The End Of The End Of The Ugly / It Is My Body / Tamara Notes: Track 4 is an Alice Cooper cover, listed on the CD as "It Is My Body" and "Is It My Body". Back cover says Australia and New Zealand release only. Front cover of the CD is a partial picture of a doll (credit says "xerox of kurdt's doll by Kevin Kerslake"). Back cover has a sketch of a woman pointing a gun into her mouth, with dream clouds of two people (credit says "back drawing by Kurd Kobain"). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL RELEASE DATES FOR THE ENTRIES BELOW ARE UNKNOWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ???????? 19?? - 10" bootleg on clear red vinyl. Songs: Brother James / Kissability / Candle / Silver Rocket / Non Metal Dude Wearing Metal Tee Notes: Dedicated to Al Flipside. There's absolutely no info written anywhere on the record except "Sonic Youth" on the cover and the titles on the back. The cover is very nicely done, though, especially for a boot. The sound is okay, but a bit muddy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Come & Smash Me" 19?? - 7" single bootleg Songs: Come & Smash Me b/w Hallowed By Thy Name Notes: Bootleg also known as "Hallowed Be Thy Name." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Demos" 19?? - 7" single bootleg Notes: Bootleg. I'm seeking more details on this one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Expressway To Yr Skull" 19?? - 7" on ??? Songs: Expressway To Yr Skull / ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Teen Age Riot" 19?? - promo 12" on Enigma (???) Songs: Teen Age Riot / ??? Notes: US promo release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Sonic Mania Of Brother" 19?? - bootleg LP on ??? (SY 13697) Songs: Sister / Catholic Block / Tuff Gnarl / Pipeline / Expressway To Yr Skull / Pacific Coast Highway / Beauty Lies / Tom Violence / White Cross / Hot Wire My Heart / Brother James / I Wanna Be your Dog Notes: Live bootleg from Paradiso, Amsterdam on June 13, 1987. Very good sound quality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dirty Boots" 19?? - bootleg CD on ??? (SYCD-001A) Songs: ??? Notes: "Recorded Cal. 1990, length 55:57" Sells for $20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From Wed Mar 17 22:04:15 1993 Xref: Path:!edcastle!uknet!!mcsun!sun4nl!dutrun!dutrun2!recmusic From: (Rob Vaughn) Newsgroups:, Subject: DISCOGRAPHY: Sonic Youth Discography, part 2 Message-ID: <> Date: 17 Mar 93 15:23:53 GMT Sender: (UseNet News System) Reply-To: Followup-To: Organization: Cornell-Materials-Science-Center Lines: 1014 Approved: Originator: recmusic@cygnus Nntp-Posting-Host: Side Projects/Compilations ========================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Coachmen "Failure to Thrive" Thurston Moore 1979 - LP/CD on New Alliance (NAR035/NAR CD 035, US) Songs: Thurston's Song / Girls are Short / Household Word / Radical Lifestyle / Stay In My Room Notes: The band is Thurston Moore, J.D. King, Bob Pullin and Dan Walworth. J.D. does most of the vocals. Etchings are "Sonic Embryo" and "Sonic Incubator." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenn Branca "Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar/Dissonance" Lee Ranaldo 1980 - 12" EP on 99 Records (99-01) Songs: Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar / Dissonance Notes: Lee participated in several of Branca's early works. Entry comes from the New Wave discography. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenn Branca "The Ascension" Lee Ranaldo 1981 - LP on 99 Records (99-001) Songs: ??? Notes: Lee participated in several of Branca's early works. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Just Another Asshole, Number 5" Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Miranda. 1981 - LP on Just Another Asshole Magazine (???) Songs: Shift (Lee) / The Fucking Youth Of Today (Thurston) / untitled (Kim Gordon and Miranda) / Faspeedelay Bop (Glenn Branca and Lee) / other tracks Notes: Album comes with a rubber-stamped die cut white-sleeved label. 45 seconds each by around 80 NYC artists including Remo Scha, Glenn Branca, Shelley Hirsch, Z'ev, Rhys Chatham and others. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glenn Branca/John Giorno "Who You Staring At?" Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo 1982 - LP on Giorno Poetry Systems (GPS 025) Notes: Thurston & Ranaldo play with Glenn Branca. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "B Movie Soundtrack" Richard Edson. 1982 - Soundtrack LP on Neutral Records (N6) Songs: ??? Notes: Various scores from the films of Beth and Scott B., composed by themselves, Adel Bertei, Richard Edson, Jeffrey Lohn, Bob Mason and John Lurie. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Various "Noise Fest" Sonic Youth. 1982 - Cassette on Zg Music Number 5 (C-82) Songs: Notes: Collection of 29 NYC bands recorded in June '81 at White Columns Gallery including SY, Jeff Lohn, Mofungo, Ut, Y Pants, and more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glenn Branca "Symphony #1 (Tonal Plexus)" Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo 1983 - CS on ROIR (A-125) 1991 - 2xLP/CD on Danceteria (DAN LP 081/DAN CD 081) Notes: Thurston and Lee play on, and Lee produced, this release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenn Branca "Symphony #3 (Gloria)" Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo 1983 - LP on Les Disques du Crepuscule (TWI 151, Belgium) 1983 - LP on Base Records (???, Italy) 1983 - LP on Neutral Records (N4, U.S.) 1991 - LP on ??? (???) Notes: Recorded live at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Jan. 16 1983. Re-released in 1991. Neither Lee nor Thurston play on Symphony #8, regardless of claims otherwise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Speed Trials" Sonic Youth 1984 - LP/CS on Homestead (HMS011) Songs: Sonic Youth - "Dig This!"; The Fall - "Tempo House" / "Smile"; Beastie Boys - "Egg Raid on Mojo"; Live Skull - "I Was Wrong"; Lydia Lunch - "Me and Main Kelly on a Bender"; Carbon - "YTYKYD"; Swans - "Weakling"; and Toy Killers - "Victimless Crime." Notes: Bob Bert was on drums. Recorded May 4-8 1983, released 1984. Liner notes say that a video of this is available, any ideas? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lydia Lunch "In Limbo" Thurston Moore 1984 - LP/CS/CD on Doublevision (DVR5) 1984? - CD on Widowspeak Productions (WSP19) Songs: In Limbo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Communicate Live at the James Poly" 1985 - 2xLP on Thames Poly Student Union (TPSU 0001, UK) Songs: Kill Your Idols (live) Notes: Consists of live performances by bands that played the Thames Poly Students Union around that time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "You Bet We've Got Something Against You" Sonic Youth 1985 - LP on Cathexis Recordings/Pleasantly Surprised (PS014) Songs: World Looks Red Notes: Recorded live at the Hammersmith Palais March 1985. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse" Sonic Youth 1985 - LP on Giorno Poetry Systems Records (GPS 035) Songs: Halloween ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Chemical Imbalance #4" Sonic Youth, The Chant, June Brides, Broken Talent 1986 - 7" single compilation on Chemical Imbalance (CI04) Songs: "Marilyn Moore" by Sonic Youth, "Water Wiggle" by The Chant, "This Town" by The June Brides, and "Soap Opera Girl" by Broken Talent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Impact (Auto Edit)" Sonic Youth 1986 - 12" on Audio Instant (INST 2) Songs: I Love Her All the Time Notes: Recorded live at the Hammersmith Palais 4/28/85. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "SubPop 100" Sonic Youth 1986 - LP/CS compilation on SubPop (SP10) Songs: Kill Yr. Idols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "EMMA Presenteert" Sonic Youth 1986 - 2xLP on M.A. Draje Records (001TM4) Songs: Brother James Notes: EMMA is an independent/squat concert hall. No idea whether the track was actually recorded there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ciccone Youth "Tuff Titty Rap" Ciccone Youth 1986 - 7" single on New Alliance (NAR030, US) 1986 - 12" single on New Alliance/SST (NAR030, US) 1988 - 12" single on Blast First/Mute (BFFP8T, UK) Songs: Burnin' Up b/w Tuff Titty Rap / Into the Groovey Ciccone Youth "Into The Groovey" 1988 - 12" EP on Enigma (???) Songs: Into The Groovey / Tuff Titty Rap Notes: Ciccone Youth is Moore, Gordon, Ranaldo, and Shelley with Martin Bisi. "Burnin' Up" by Greg Ginn, Mike Watt, and Ethan James. Initially released on Mike Watt's New Alliance label. New Alliance edition has etched on side one - "Gonna have to fight"; side two - "Don't be afraid to pogo, don't be afraid to relate". On the Blast First version side one - "It's a tuff titty" and "Into the gravy"; side two is the same as the 7" version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "I was actually thinking, for this next tour, of getting an instrumental track of `Fools Gold', playing it through the PA, and playing wild on top of it." -- Thurston Moore. ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Hits $ Corruption" Sonic Youth 1986 - LP on HAC records (HAC 1) Songs: World Looks Red Notes: Includes a booklet and some copies come with a free cassette. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Lovedolls Superstar" soundtrack compilation 1986 - LP/CS/CD on SST (SST062) Songs: Hallowed Be Thy Name ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "NME's Hat-trick" Sonic Youth Feb. 1987 - 7" flexi single with NME magazine (GIV-5) Songs: White Kross (unreleased live version from Florida 1986) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lee Ranaldo "From Here -> Infinity" Lee Ranaldo 1987 - LP/CS on SST (SST113) 1987 - LP/CS/CD on Blast First (BFFP9) Songs: Time Stands Still / Destruction Site / Ouroboron / Slo Drone / New Groove Loop / Florida Flower / Hard Left / Fuzz/Locusts / To Mary / Lathe Speaks / The Resolution / Sav X / The Open End Notes: Lee goes crazy with locked grooves and a Savage Pencil-etched, marbled album. Not as he ultimately intended, but good nonetheless. There's also raised lettering and art on the album cover. The Blast First version is etched - "Electricity comes from other planets Fuck the future". From the liner notes - "There's a reason for everything that's ever been right. Today we look up & can see. Some singular moment comes close to going around again. I hope you will drop the diamond in a groove and let it ride awhile. (Sonic Life/ Sept 1986/ Los Angeles)." 1987 - CD on SST (SST CD 113) Songs: Time Stands Still / Destruction Site / Ouroboron / New Groove Loop / Florida Flower / Hard Left / Fuzz/Locusts / To Mary (X2) / Lathe Speaks / The Resolution / King's Ogg Notes: From the liner notes - "This compact disc version contains tracks taken from the original master tapes, as well as from the L.P. version, in situations where the tracks were created directly in the mastering studio and no tapes existed. Some new tape loops have been cut to replace certain lock grooves which, due to the chance nature of the process, I wasn't altogether happy with." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Swanic Youth "Swanic Youth" Mykel Board of MRR and Peter Holsapple of the dBs and R.E.M. 1987 - 7" single on Seidboard World Entreprises (OL455) Songs: Sonic Yoot / Swan Jovi Notes: Hilarious parody-put-down of Sonic Youth, The Swans, and Bon Jovi. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Mini Plot" Sonic Youth. 1988 - CD3 on SST (SST CD 234) Songs: I Am Right (Goofy Mix) Notes: Credit by Brewer-Biaza. A Saccharine Trust cover from the "Pagan Icons" EP on SST (1981). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Martin Bisi "Creole Mass" Lee Ranaldo. 1988 - LP on New Alliance (NAR 040) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ciccone Youth "The Whitey Album" Ciccone Youth. 1988 - LP/CS/CD on Enigma (7 75402) 1988 - LP/CS/CD on Blast First (BFFP28) Songs: Needle-Gun / (silence) / G-Force / Platoon II / MacBeth / Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby / Burnin' Up (orig. demo) / Hi! Everybody! / Children Of Satan/Third Fig / Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening To Neu / Addicted To Love / Moby-Dik / March Of The Ciccone Robots / Making The Nature Scene / Tuff Titty Rap / Into The Groovey / Macbeth (instrumental version, Blast First CD release only) Notes: Sonic Youth and friends get crazy, "Burnin' Up" covered by Mike Watt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "Gettin' loose with the Pussy Galore, crackin' jokes like a Thurston Moore, pedal hoppin' like a dinosaur... Breaking down the barriers like Sonic Youth, they got what they wanted, maybe I should get what I want too... Gimme indie rock!" -- Sebadoh, "Gimme Indie Rock" ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lydia Lunch "Honeymoon In Red" Thurston Moore. 1988 - LP/CS/CD on WidowSpeak Productions [WSP12/WSP12 CD] Songs: Done Dun / Still Burning / Dead In The Head / Fields of Fire / Come Fall / So Your Heart / Dead River / Three Kings 1988 - 12" on WidowSpeak Productions [WSP13] Songs: The Crumb / Done Dun / Dead River Notes: LP track one features Clint Ruin, who mixed several of the other songs which were recorded in NYC in 1987. The last two tracks feature and many were (co)written by Rowland S. Howard and were recorded in Berlin 1982. Some lyrics were cowritten by Nick Cave under various aliasies (Her Dead Twin, Drunk Cowboy Junkie.) Thurston's involvement in the LP was limited to two tracks: "So Your Heart" (writing co-credit and performance credit) and "Three Kings" ("sonic holocaust guitar"). The CD contains one extra track called "Some Velvet Morning" which Thurston was not involved with. The 12" consists of Lydia Lunch with Thurston Moore on side one, and L. Lunch and the Honeymoon in Red Orchestra on the back side. It is also titled as "The Crumb." The song "The Crumb" also appears on Jim Thirwell's Foetus release Stinkfist, which was released on Widowspeak Productions (WSP20). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father" Sonic Youth 1988 - LP/CS/CD on NME Presents (NME PEP LP1000/NME PEP CD100/NME PEP MC 100) Songs: Within You Without You Notes: For a benefit in aid of Childline. It's a great version (clocks at 5:03), and the Fall doing "A Day in the Life" make the album worth seeking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Good Feeling" Sonic Youth 1988 - LP on 53rd and 3rd (AGAS3) Songs: (I Got A) Catholic Block (live) Notes: Track noted as recorded June 1987 at Town & Country. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "The End Of Music (As We Know It)" compilation Thurston Moore 1988 - CS compilation on ROIR (A156) 1991 - CD compilation on Danceteria (???) Songs: European Son Notes: Also includes songs by Honeymoon Killers, Prong, Jad Fair, Of Cabbages and Kings, Bank of Sodom, Black Snakes, Krackhouse, Phantom Tollbooth, Royal Trux and Needlehose. CD version does not includes all the tracks. "European Son" is a Velvet Underground cover. Steve Albini's liner notes: "Thurston Moore proves once again that he can burn up a couple of hours in the studio at the drop of a hat. After all, he knows every one-riff Velvets jam by heart and can swipe great moments in sound from his extensive midwest hardcore collection." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Moe Tucker "Life in Exhile After Abdication" Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo 1989 - LP/CS on 50 Skatillion Watts (MOE 7-1) Songs: Chase (Kim - bass, Lee - guitar, Thurston - guitar) / Pale Blue Eyes (Kim - bass (and backing vox) / Bo Diddley (Kim - bass (and backing vox), Steve - drums) / Talk So Mean (Kim - bass) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Gigantic!" Sonic Youth. 1989 - CS compilation on Melody Maker (MM RTD 001) Songs: Teenage Riot (special video mix) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Melting Plot" Sonic Youth 1989 - LP/CA/CD compilation on SST (SST249) Songs: I Am Right ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "The Bridge" Sonic Youth 1989 - LP/CS/CD compilation on Caroline Records (1374/KAR002) Songs: Computer Age (Neil Young cover) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Every Band has a Shonen Knife who Loves Them" Sonic Youth 1989 - 2xLP/LP/CS/CD compilation on Giant Records (GRI6036-2) Songs: Burning Farm (Shonen Knife cover) Notes: Compilation also includes songs by Frightwig, Redd Kross, L7, White Flag, Big Dipper, Lunachicks, Das Damen and many others (23 tracks in all.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Ex "Joggers and Smoggers" Thurston, Lee 1989 - 2xLP/2xCD on Ex Records (EX 040/041, Ex040/041D) 1989 - 2xCD on Fist Puppet Records, Holland (Fist 005-CD) Songs: Gentlemen / Tightly Stretched Notes: Distributed by Cargo in North America. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "Q: Are you still thought of as underground/alternative/weird in New York? A: No, we're a fucking institution." -- Kim Gordon (Melody Maker, April 1 '89) ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Halloween/Touch Me I'm Sick" Mudhoney/Sonic Youth 1989 - 7" single on SubPop (SP26) 1989 - 12" single on Blast First (BFFP46) 1990 - 12" single on SubPop/Tupelo (SP26-2) 1990 - 12" single on Glitterhouse (GR 56) in Germany. Songs: Halloween, Touch Me I'm Sick Notes: Split cover songs, 3000 printed on white or black vinyl. The 12" single is identical to 7", 5000+ printed, value $10-$30. Etchings on the 7" are side one - "Mudslave"; side two - "Sonic sex" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Nothing Short Of Total War (Part One)" Sonic Youth, Ciccone Youth, Lee Ranaldo 1989 - LP/CS/CD compilation on Blast First (BFFP13, UK) Songs: Sonic Youth - "Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis" / Head of David - "Bugged" / Ut - "Fire In Philly" / Sonic Youth - "He's On Fire" / Big Black - "Kerosene" / Sonic Youth - "Magic Wand" / Rapeman - "Dutch Courage" / Dinosaur Jr. - "Bulbs Of Passion" / Lee Ranaldo - "Scratchy Heart" / Ciccone Youth - "****" / UT - "Evangelist" / Head of David - "Snake Domain" / Big Black - "He's A Whore" / Big Stick - "Devil's Jukebox" / Head of David - "108" / A.C. Temple - "Sheikh" / Rapeman - "Just Got Paid Today" / Band of Susans - "Throne of Blood" / Aresenal - "Little Hitlers" / Butthole Surfers - "Jimi" Various "Devil's Jukebox" Sonic Youth, Ciccone Youth 1989 - 10x7" box set on Blast First (BFDJ1-10, UK) Songs: Side 1A - "Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis"; Side 1B - "Magic Wand"; Side 6A - "****"; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ William S. Burroughs "Dead City Radio" Sonic Youth 1990 - LP/CS/CD on Island Records (Island 422-846 264-2, US) Notes: Spoken word LP dubbed over music, some written for the album, some pulled out of the archives of the NBC orchestra, ca. 1955. Sonic Youth performs on "William's Welcome," "Dr. Benway's House," and "The Lord's Prayer." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Fast 'N' Bulbous - A Tribute To Captain Beefheart" Sonic Youth. 1990 - LP/CS/CD on Imaginary Records (ILLUSION 002 LP/CD) Songs: Electricity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "New York Eye and Ear Control" Thurston and Don Fleming. 1990 - LP/CS/CD on Matador Records (OLE 006-1) Songs: Rudolph Grey - "The Hall" Notes: Recorded New York City 1990, produced by Ecstatic Peace. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "DK Pulser number 1" Sonic Youth. 1990 - CD3 compilation on DK Pulser, no number 1992 - CD5 compilation on Danceteria (DK1CD1) Songs: Su nioj Notes: Five minutes of instrumentals except some "join us" screams at the end. Recorded during the _Daydream Nation_ sessions. Some backwards tapes at the beginning. "DK Pulser" is a french magazine which has very episodic periodicity. Reissued by Danceteria as a 5" CD without the original magazine but with the same tracks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Harry Crews "Naked In Garden Hills" Kim Gordon. 1990 - LP/CS/CD on WidowSpeak Productions [WSP24/WSP24 CD] 1990 - LP/CS/CD on Blast First (BFFP38) Songs: Man Hates A Man / Distopia / Gospel Singer / Knockout Artist / (She's In A) Bad Mood / The Way Out / Bringing Me Down / Car / S.O.S. Notes: Kim Gordon, Lydia Lunch, and Sadie Mae. Harry Crews, the band, toured Europe from Sept. 1 till Sept. 24, 1988. The album was recorded live at the Mean Fiddler, London and in Vienna, Austria by Vienna Radio. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Velvet Monkeys "Rake" Thurston Moore 1990 - CD on Rough Trade (ROUGH CD 159) Songs: We Call It Rock / She's Not A Girl / The Ballad of "Rake" / Something's In The Air / Velvet Monkey Theme Song / Rock The Night / Harmonica Hell House / Love To Give / 7 Angels / Rock Party / Velvet Monkey Theme (Assassin Mix) Notes: Thurston plays bass and guitar, and has co-written 3 of the songs. Meant to be a parody of a soundtrack to a movie. Don Fleming was responsible for the idea, lyrics, singing, and guitar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Vera Groningen: Beauty in the Underworld" Sonic Youth 1990 - LP on VERA Records (001) Songs: Broken Eye Notes: Recorded live at Vera Groningen (a club in the Netherlands) on 06/11/87. Tracks at 3:55. Great and noisy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Borbetomagus "Barefoot In The Head" Thurston Moore. 1991 - LP on Forced Exposure (FE015, US) 1991 - CD on Shock (???) Notes: Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich of Borbetamagus with Thurston Moore. Liner notes from "Thomas Pynchon", which Seth says "is, 10 to 1 odds, either Jimmy Johnson or Byron Coley." My guess is the latter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "One night Johnson, Coley and I were sitting in the backyard with a bucket of fresh sangria and a few bongloads of some very righteous boo. I'd brought out a box of my live Sonic Youth tapes and we were arguing about Ranaldo's tongue vectors in the third quadrant of 'Society is a Hole' [Folk City, NYC 12/1/82] when one of T. Moore's downstrokes caught our attention. We ran the tape back and listened to the passage a few times. The subtly monstrous and mindless GUSH with which T. Moore hit the 'E' chord made it obvious that his playing was not coming out of a complete spiritual void. This was a real revelation. It meant that he was capable of actually unclenching his brain and loosing demons of soul creativity." -- Thomas Pynchon (sic) from "Barefoot In The Head" ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dim Stars "Dim Stars" Richard Hell, Don Fleming, Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley. 1991 - 3x7" single on Ecstatic Peace! (E#11) distributed by Forced Exposure 1992 - CD on Caroline (CAROL-1724-2) 1992 - LP/CD on City Slang (???, Europe) 1992 - CD on New Rose Records (Rose290CD) Songs: The Plug & Dim Star / Christian Rat Attack / You Gotta Lose (Pt. 1) / You Gotta Lose (Pt. 2) / You Gotta Lose (Pt. 3) / You Gotta Lose (Pt. 4) Notes: Christian Rat Attack was originally done by a band called Stickmen with Rayguns and appeared on a compilation album called _Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death_. There is possibly two CD versions of this, one of them with an extra track. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Sub Pop June/July Singles Club Single" Sonic Youth 1991 - 7" single on Sub Pop (SP121) Songs: These Immortal Souls - "Luney Tune" / gumball - "Under My Wheels" / Sonic Youth - "Is It My Body" / Laughing Hyenas - "Public Animal #9" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Guitarrorists" Kim, Lee, and Thurston. 1991 - CD on No. 6 (KAR 009-2) distributed by Caroline 1991 - 2xLP on ??? Songs: Blues For Space Girl (Thurston) / Kitten (Kim) / Here (Lee) Notes: There are 26 songs total, A-Z. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucky Sperms "I Am The Man" Sonic Youth and Mike Watt. 1991 - 7" on Ecstatic Peace (E#15) Songs: Walking the Cow / Tomorrow Never Knows / Glass Onion Notes: Recorded on Jan 19, 1987 at Fun City NYC. There is a Pettibon drawing on the front. Side one credits: S - drums, W - guitar, bass, speil. Side two credits: S - drums, W - basses, speil, K - tambourine, L - guitar, T - nada. Side one is etched with "T. Moore vs. T. Motolla", and side two with "Ecstatic Bummer." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Gioventul Sonica - 11 Young Bands Play Sonic Youth's Songs" Sonic Youth tribute album 1991 - Electric Eye (EEHSLP020) Songs: Star Fuckers - "Death Valley '69" / Killbrains - "Tunic" / Redrum - "Silver Rocket" / Third from the Sun - "White Cross" / Headspring - "Catholic Block" / Neumann - "Stereo Sanctity" / Welcome Idots - "Star Power" / Subterranean Dining Rooms - "Mote" / Carnival of Fools - "Shadow of Doubt" / Saint Luka - "Teenage Riot" / Pagen Easter - "Kill Yr Idols/Kool Thing/Shakin' Hell" Notes: The label address is Electric Eye; CP 144; 27100 Pavia, Italy. Distribution by Helter Skelter; Piazzale Delle; Provience 8 00162 ROMA; Phone - "06/429348; Fax - "06/428525- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Outlaw Blues: A Tribute to Bob Dylan" compilation Kim & Thurston, Lee. 1992 - CD on Imaginary Records (ILLCD 014) Songs: Kim, Thurston, and Epic - "Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence" / Lee - "Mama You've Been On My Mind" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Fortune Cookie Prize-A Tribute to Beat Happening" Kim, Thurston, and Epic. 1992 - Compilation LP/CD on Simple Machines (CD007) Songs: Black Candy Notes: Epic is Epic Soundtracks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mirror/Dash Thurston and Kim. 1992 - 7" on Ecstatic Peace (E#12) Songs: Electric Pen / Gum Notes: The cover has someone that looks a lot like a teenage Thurston holding a gun, while the back of the 45 has a picture of said Thurston getting "shot." The inside of the jacket has two leather- clad cowboy/cowgirls and "Mirror/Dash" scrawled in pen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ T. Moore/Wm. Hooker Duo 1992 - LP on Ecstatic Peace (E#20) Songs: ??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mosquito Steve Shelley, Jad Fair and Tim Foljohn. 1992 - 7" on ERL Records (ERL009) Songs: Down / Pretty Lil' Thing / Fat Man Walks / Oh No, Oh Yes, Oh No Notes: A sticker on the front says "Warning, pesky locked groove." Side A says "Oh no not another mosquito" and side B "My house is full of them." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dim Stars "Dim Stars" Thurston, Steve, Richard Hell, and Don Flemming. 1992 - LP/CD on Ecstatic Peace??? 1992 - LP on Paperhouse Records (paplp 014) 1992 - LP in Germany on EFA (04902-08) / City Slang (LC 6853) Songs: She Wants To Die / All My Witches Come True / Memo To Marty / Monkey / Natches Burning / Stop Breakin' Down / Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance) / The Night Is Coming On / Downtown At Dawn / Try This / Stray Cat Generation / Rip Off ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sentridoh "Losercore" Steve and Lou Barlow. 1992 - 7" Smells Like Records (SLR-68) Songs: Losercore / Really Insane Notes: Smells Like Records is Steve Shelley's own label. Side A has the engraving "Lost virginity, thus" and Side B has "dear blue." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kitten "Free Kitten" Kim and Julie Cafritz. 10"/12" on Ecstatic Peace Records (???) Songs: ??? (six of them) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Tannis Root Presents: Freedom of Choice" compilation Sonic Youth. 1992 - 2xLP/CS/CD on Caroline Records (CAROL 1715-2) 1992 - 2xLP/CD on City Slang (City Slang 026, Europe) Songs: Ca Plane Pour Moi Notes: All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. This is a cover of a new wave song made in the late 70's by Plastic Bertrand, bubblegum punk star from Belgium I believe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Richard Hell "3 New Songs" Richard Hell, Thurston, Steve, & Don Flemming. 1992 - 7" on Overground (Over 24) Songs: The Night is Coming On / Baby Huey (Baby Do You Wanna Dance?) / Frank Sinatra Notes: Black vinyl edition limited to 3000 copies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Burning Leaves - The Third Fall of DGC" Sonic Youth. 1992 - promo CD on DGC (???) Songs: Stalker Notes: Given away at 1992 CMJ to all attending and bands playing. The song is the extra track available only on the album release of _Dirty_. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Die Haut "Head On" Kim Gordon 1992 - LP/CD on What's So Funny About... (SF 122) Songs: Intoxication. Notes: Kim does the vocals on one song. The album was released to celebrate 10 years of Die Haut, a German band with strong links to Nick Cave/ Birthday Party/Bad Seeds and Lydia Lunch (the Bad Seeds and Die Haut share a drummer.) They are essentially an instrumental band who frequently use guest vocalists, such Kim Gordon, Alan Vega, Cristina, Debbie Harry, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Blixa Bargeld, Anita Lane, Kid Congo Powers, and Lydia Lunch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Bullets Wrapped In Sugar" Lee Ranaldo 1992 - compilation 7" on Stomach Ache Records (SA002) Songs: Diva, Spain (Fragments) Notes: Other artists: Eye Yamatsuka, The Merchants of the New Bizarre, and Dead C. Gate. Given away with Bananafish magazine, issue #5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lee Ranaldo "Something To Burn" Lee Ranaldo 1993 - 7"/CD5 on unknown label (UK) Songs: untitled Notes: There is no information on this release at all. The 7" is on green, sawtoothed vinyl(!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALL RELEASE DATES FOR THE ENTRIES BELOW ARE UNKNOWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Heaven and Hell, Volume 3" Lee. 199? - LP/CD on Imaginary Records (???) Songs: Stephanie Says Notes: Velvet Underground tribute album. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Smiles, Vibes and Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson" Sonic Youth 19?? - LP on Demilo Records (DM0004-1) Songs: I Know There's an Answer Notes: Includes J. Mascis on tambourine/vocals and Don Fleming on vocals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Prehistoric Hits with Sonic Youth, Nirvana, L7, and STP" Sonic Youth. 199? - clear vinyl 7" bootleg on unknown label Songs: Sonic Youth - "Cotton Crown (live '87)" / Nirvana - "Amway Queen (studio '89)" / L7 - "Fast & Frightening (live '90)" / STP - "Yo Jackie Yo (demo '90)" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "All Guitars" Lee. 199? - 2xLP on Blast First (BFFP21) Songs: ??? Notes: Sounds like "Me & Jill," with "From Here --> Infinity" as the backing music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mudhoney/Sonic Youth "Live In Hollywood" Sonic Youth. 199? - red vinyl 10" on unknown Songs: Touch Me, I'm Sick / In And Out Of Grace / Halloween / I Wanna Be Yr Dog / No One Has / Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More Notes: Mostly Mudhoney material. No details on the vinyl as to the label, release date, etc. Bought in the London Rough Trade shop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various "Sounds Blasts! 2" Sonic Youth 198? - 7" on Sounds (???) Songs: Silver Rocket (Take 6) Notes: Given away free with an issue of Sounds magazine (a now-defunct English music weekly. Version is live from the Southbank Show documentary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Epic Soundtracks "Rise Above" Lee Randaldo, Kim Gordon 19?? - on ??? (???) Songs: ??? Notes: Lee plays guitar on "Fallen Down" and Kim Gordon sings on "Big Apple Graveyard." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== "As far as I'm concerned, I was just as happy being where I was last year at this time when Sonic Youth wasn't on a major label... This deal with Geffen is very much a wait-and-see-what happens sort of deal - because we will absolutely not be dictated to by Geffen. We signed because we had complete artistic control, and if any problems do arise... let's just say that I'll firebomb Geffen's offices to get thrown off the label if I have to. Who fuckin' cares?" -- Thurston Moore ============================================================================== Videos ====== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Put Blood In The Music" by Charles Atlas 1989 - Vision Productions Songs: Shaking Hell (album version, edited) / Madonna, Sean And Me (album version, edited) / Addicted To Love (video, edited) / Death Valley '69 (video, edited) / Eliminator Jr. (album version, edited) / Silver Rocket/ Kissability/Rain King/Silver Rocket (live and edited footage) Length: 57 minutes, approx. 24 of which are devoted to Sonic Youth. Notes: Made by for an arts programme in the UK called "The South Bank Show." The South Bank Show has been running for many years but I don't think that any of them have ever been released on video. It's a fairly poor attempt to say something about the influence that environment or location has on music (in this case NYC.) The title is supplied by Glenn Branca during the film. The film has pieces on: John Zorn (includes a live performance by Spy Vs Spy); Ambitious Lovers (in the studio); Hugo Largo; Sonic Youth. The last medley is of real interest; it suggests that the entire performance was recorded and then edited down. If they ever plan to release this on video, let's hope they restore it to its full length. The video airs on PBS occasionally so keep a blank video tape around. Rumor has it that you can purchase a bootleg copy of this from: Mark Blenkiron, 61A Westbury Ave., Woodgreen London N2265A UK. It's on a tape called something like "Sonic Youth Compilation." It's on European video system tape, so you need a 3-color TV/VCR system or have it converted from PAL to NTSC format. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Goo" 1991 - VHS on DGC (DGCV-39508) Songs: Dirty Boots / Tunic (Song for Karen) / Mary-Christ / Kool Thing / Mote / My Friend Goo / Disappearer / Mildred Pierce / Cinderella's Big Score / Scooter + Jinx / Titanium Expose' Notes: Videos by a variety of directors, including Steve Shelley and Richard Kern, for each of the songs on "Goo." The clip at the end is a shot of Neil Young fans in front-row seats holding their ears as Sonic Youth plays. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "1991: The Year The Punk Broke" 1992 - VHS on DGC (???) Songs: I Love Her All The Time / Schizophrenia / Teen Age Riot / Mote / Kool Thing / Dirty Boots / Brother James / Expressway to Yr Skull Notes: A self-made documentary film of their 1991 European tour with the likes of Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Babes in Toyland, with a guest appearance by the Ramones. Thurston does most of the filming and babbling, which is interspersed between live footage of the bands. Dave Kendell even makes an appearance with Courtney Love. The title of the film is semi-tongue-in-check, based on a comment by Kim Gordon which is later elaborated on by a just-out-of-bed Thurston who manages to make it sound almost serious, in typical Thurston fashion. Pay special attention to the lyrics for "Teen Age Riot." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is a live in L.A. video available thru' Sonic Death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Miscellaneous ============= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is no known connection between Belgian band "Thick Pidgeon" and Kim Gordon, or any other member of Sonic Youth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plus Instruments 1980 - "Special Agreement/???" single on Plurex (0011) 1982 - LP on Kremlin products (KR005) Plus Instruments (or + Instruments) were a Dutch band from the late 70s/early 80s. Founding member was Lee Renaldo (note spelling!) who left before they recorded their debut LP on the Kremlin label in Jan. 1982. I got this info >from one of those New Wave Discography volumes, and either the spelling is correct and they had nothing to do with Lee Ranaldo or Lee Ranaldo was a founding member of this band. My guess is that there is no connection - the similarity in name (and the fact that the bands drummer was from NYC) probably led to this rumour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Missing Information =================== I could use more detailed information on the following, such as dates, catalog numbers, and song listings: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A 1986 Peel session that's never been bootlegged on vinyl or CD. I have an excellent tape copy now. John Peel also recently mentioned that there was a Sonic Youth LP reissued in Estonia and played a track off it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Sonic Youth "Live in Japan" bootleg was put out by Supernatural, a shady Japanese label. The label went under a few years back, taking the SY live in Japan LP with it. The record is so rare that Steve Shelley doesn't own a copy. It might be possible to locate the record by contacting Kenji at Timebomb in Osaka, Japan. Time bomb is a great record store specializing in non-Japanese "underground" music. The fax number is 011 81 6 213 5079. If he does have it, I'm sure it will cost a small fortune. Don't bother asking Forced Exposure if they have it. They don't. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thurston was in a band called Even Worse for a while (early 80s). Don't know too much about them, except for a few songs that I remember hearing on KZSC back then (incl. one called "We Suck" that was kind of funny.) Female Vocals. Even Worse released one single called (I think) "Rat or What?" and from memory Thurston isn't on it but I heard rumours that some stuff with T on it was going to come out somewhere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Information on a NYC band formerly called MALE BONDING, RED MILK and THE ARCADIANS with Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo (repl. Ann Demaris), Richard Edson (repl. Dave Keay) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Madonna? Here? Where?" 19?? - bootleg LP on ??? Notes: Recorded live at The Horzon on Oct. 17, 1984. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Live in Germany" LP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What Makes You Happy?" LP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Live in Heaven 1989" CD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Lee Harvey Oswald Loves Us" 1992 - bootleg CD on Notes: Recorded in Germany. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't know if this belongs in the discography, but Thurston Moore has a production credit (with Don Fleming and Tom Surgal) on the following: Rudolph Grey - Implosion-73/Transformation clear vinyl 7" on New Alliance (NAR 801)/Ecstatic Peace (E#9), released 1991 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Velvet Monkeys 1991- 7" on Sub Pop (SP102, US) Songs: Rock The Nation / Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Notes: Thurston's pictured on the back cover, does he play on this? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guitar Tunings ============== Guitar tunings for selected songs from Michael G. Goldsman. Tunings listed >from lowest to highest string. Key: ^ = tune up, ! = tune down ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kool Thing, Mary Christ, Death Valley '69: F#, F# (unison), F#, F# (unison octave above), E (below 3'rd string), B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Silver Rocket, Candle, Cinderella's Big Score: A, C, C (Unison), G, G#, C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Teenage Riot: G, A, B, D, E, G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tunic, Teenage Riot: G, G, D, D, G, G (all 3 pairs unison) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Wonder, Hyperstation: G, G (unison), C#, D, G, G (unison) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mote: G, G, D, D, F, F (all 3 pairs unison) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kissability, Eric's Trip, Hey Joni E, B, E, E (unison), A, B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dirty Boots: E, !E (unison), !B, !B (unison), !E, !F# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dirty Boots, Tunic, Titanium Expose, My Friend Goo: E, !G, D, G, !E, !D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cotton Crown, The Wonder, Brother James: ^G, !G, D, !D, !Eb, !Eb (all 3 pairs are unison) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cross the Breeze, Disappearer: ^C, ^C (unison), ^E, ^B, !G, !D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Schizophrenia: ^F#, !F#, ^G, G, !A, !A (all 3 pairs are unison) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Expressway to Yr Skull: E, !G#, ^E, ^G#, !E, !G# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fan Club and General Information ================================ "sonic death is the sonic youth fan club and it's official! by joining you will receive a years membership and a special welcome kit. this kit contains a cd, a button and a tri-annual sonic death news-letter. the newsletter will give you the news and the chance to get limited edition recordings and merchandise available only to members. so send as some bucks and we'll get you happening! continue rockin', love sonic youth" Annual membership rates USA $15.00 Canada and Mexico $20.00 Other foreign $25.00 Visa + Mastercard accepted Send to Sonic Death Box 6179 Hoboken, NJ 07030 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------