Past Talks

Day/Year Date Speaker Title
Friday Nov 30 Martin Grohe Learning in Finite Models
Friday Nov 16 John Power Computational effects and enriched Lawvere theories
Friday Nov 02 Javier Esparza An unfolding approach to LTL Model Checking
Friday Aug 31 Martin Lange Model Checking Modal Mu-Calculus with Sequential Composition
Friday Jun 29 Matias Menni Abstract syntax and \new-quantifiers
Friday Jun 08 Alex Rabinovich From Finite Automata toward Hybrid Systems
Friday Jun 01 Masahito Hasegawa On the uniformity principle on traced monoidal categories
Friday May 18 Alex Simpson Comparing functional paradigms for exact real arithmetic
Friday May 04 John Longley Strategies and universal types
Friday Apr 27 Lennart Beringer Type systems for explicit forwarding
Friday Mar 23 Shin-ya Katsumata Proof-Directed De-compilation of Low-Level Code
Friday Mar 16 Masahito Hasegawa Glueing Algebraic Structures on a 2-Category
Friday Mar 09 Masahito Hasegawa On the CPS transformation from the computational lambda calculus to the linear lambda calculus
Friday Mar 02 Marco Kick Mathematical Modelling of Real Time Processes
Friday Feb 23 John Power Two-dimensional linear algebra
Friday Feb 16 Makoto Hamana A logic programming language based on binding algebra
Friday Feb 09 Konstantinos Tourlas An Algebraic Foundation for Higraphs
Friday Feb 02 Martin Hofmann Read-only types for programming with bounded heap space II
Friday Jan 26 John Power Adequacy for Algebraic Effects
Friday Dec 15 Martin Hofmann Read-only types for programming with bounded heap space
Wednesday Nov 29 Daniele Turi Semantics of Value- and Name-Passing Calculi
Friday Nov 24 Alexander Rabinovich Compositional theorem for generalized sum
Friday Nov 17 Miki Tanaka Abstract Syntax and Variable Binding for Linear Binders
Friday Oct 27 Masahito Hasegawa Axioms for Recursion in Call-by-Value
Friday Oct 20 Matias Menni Closure operators in exact completions