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George Ross

Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
James Clerk Maxwell Building
King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
Phone: 0131 650 5147
Fax: 0131 667 7209
PGP DSA: key 1024/AD758CC5 and fingerprint.
(PGP RSA: key 1024/B74A4F7D and fingerprint.)

Here are some articles, papers, talks and things that I've written:

I've written a Tnm-based utility to make it easier for our technical staff to configure our HP ProCurve and 3Com SuperStack 3300 switches. The ProCurve version is here, and the SuperStack version is here. If you want to generate MRTG configuration files you can use this tool. I've also written a couple of little monitoring utilities: MACwatch dumps switch forwarding tables into a history file (run it from cron every so often; and note that if you want to get information from a 3Com SuperStack switch for anything other than the default VLAN then you'll need to enable fastIP); and Monitor tracks up and down times for switches and end-systems.

You can find my makeDNS utility here -- it's a utility for converting /etc/hosts files into DNS RRs.

Here are a few little X utilities that I wrote some time ago. testCard.tar.gz displays some useful patterns on the screen, xmailwatcher.tar.gz (which we don't use any more, so it's not maintained!) keeps an eye on a mailbox's contents, and xquitbutton.tar.gz provides a handy "stop" button for X sessions. None of them is guaranteed bug-free. On the contrary, at least one of them is guaranteed to have at least one bug in it.

Some time around 1973 I walked through the railway tunnels above Glen Farg on the old Edinburgh-Perth via Kinross line. Here is a note on their location for anyone who fancies looking for them. (I've no idea what kind of condition they're in now!)

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