Computers in Communication - Back cover blurb

Computers in Communication is an introductory book that studies the mechanisms that enable computers to share information. It focuses on the two major problem areas: reconciling the various differences between communicating computers, and implementing information sharing using physical communication channels.

The book first introduces basic concepts, each one generated from examples from human communications and then illustrated by examples from modern computer communications. This is followed by an in-depth study of computer networking (including ATM and the Internet). Case studies of practical communication systems are then given where the concepts are combined and applied. Finally, the impact of standardization processes is considered. The overall approach differs from other major textbooks in the area: these do not distill the basic principles, but instead act as rapidly-dating catalogues of existing communication systems.

Ideal for the beginner, Computers in Communication will be suitable on undergraduate and MSc courses in computer communications, digital communications and computer networking. It will also be useful as a self-study text for the professional who wishes to acquire a general understanding of computer communications and the current technologies used.

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