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Isabelle at Edinburgh

Local Instructions

Note: the current installation of Isabelle is being updated. At the moment the version installed on DCS Suns is Isabelle94-6 (from 1996). There is no version installed on a standard DCS Linux box yet. I am working on this, watch this space!

On Sun machines

  1. Type: setup isabelle
  2. Type either:
       poly $name-of-logic
    to run under Poly/ML, or
    to run under New Jersey SML

    where name-of-logic is one of: FOL, ZF, LCF, CTT, LK, Modal, HOL, Cube, FOLP, CCL, or Pure.

On Linux machines

Contact support and ask them to install the Isabelle RPMs on your machine.
These are available on my ftp server.
With luck Isabelle will be available on the Linux server hope.dcs.ed.ac.uk soon.

David Aspinall <da@dcs.ed.ac.uk>
Last modified: Tue Sep 1 11:22:19 BST 1998