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No: 130
Operating Status: closed

Location: New Zealand


If you get chance to try it, there's even a New Zealand Single Malt, called Lammerlaw. I presume it means 'using single malted barley and distilled twice in pot stills at the same distillery'. Now having seen that sentence, I can see the temptation to call it 'single malt'. Lammerlaw does have a sharp (but not unpleasant) aftertaste that might be attributed to rye. Some people like Lammerlaw (me, for instance), some people don't. [tr, 1995]

Wilson's Willowbank Distillery by the Water of Leith in Dunedin was dismantled last year [2000]. The single malt produced by the distillery was bottled as Lammerlaw, named after the mountain ranges from where the water was piped. Clearly, Lammerlaw is on the Whisky Red List of endangered species. [pw, 2001]

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