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Glen Kella Manx Whiskey

An unusual item here - the product really is completely clear and transparent. Here's what they say about themselves:

"At the foot of a beautiful glen in the north of the Island lies a secret, the secret of the 'Unique Spirit of Mann'- the Glen Kella Distillery. Made with water from the Manx hills noted for its purity Glen Kella Whiskey possesses a distinctive quality that sets it apart from its nearby cousins - its colour. It is the only 'White' Whiskey in the world."

"Glen Kella White Whiskey is matured in Oak Casks for a minimum of 3 years before undergoing a secret process that removes the colour imparted from the wood. The true art of the Manx distiller lies in removing this colouration but still retaining the unique full 'nose' of Glen Kella Whiskey."

"This unique Whiskey is exported and enjoyed by connoisseurs the world over. However, due to its exclusively and the small size of the distillery only limited quantities have to date been available for the UK market."

Glen Kella is available as a 3 year old Blended Whiskey, 8 and 12 year old Vatted Malt Whiskey in 70 cl. bottles at 40% alcohol by volume.

Distilled and Bottled by
Glen Kella Distillers Ltd.,
Isle of Man

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