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Tindogs Newsletter
Tasting Notes
September 1996

Ben Nevis - I had briefly mentioned this scotch about three years ago when I tasted it as a Les Amis du Vin tasting. I have kept it in my cellar since then. Recently, I decided to open it. Since I have only tasted it once, I was not sure how I would react to this after three years.

This is a big 15 year old Highland Scotch. It is named after Scotland's highest mountains. Although the distillery has been closed since the 60's, you see occasional bottlings of this scotch surfacing. I got this information from Michael Jackson's book "Single Malt Scotch", 1989. The label states that is was distilled in December of 1977 and bottled in October of 1993. So even though it has been shuttered time, Cadenhead is buying and bottling it. When I bought it, it was about $60. If you find this it's likely to cost more.

This is not a drink for the faint hearted. Although it has a light to medium light straw color, its color belies its strength. On the nose it is assertive. There is no weakness here. The proof weight in at 121.8 There is alcohol and sharpness in the aroma. Aged in American oak it has the familiar light, dry, oakey character with fine fruit. For such high alcohol it has quite an approachable nose.

Although it is not particularly distinctive, in the mouth it is full and satisfying. Although it lacks the sweetness many people like for sherry cask aging, this has quite an attractive structure. The finish is very aggressive but if you cut this with just a little water it is quite good.

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