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Tindogs Newsletter
Tasting Notes
November 1995

Our October tasting of Bowmore scotches was held at Wishbone, just west of Chicago's loop. This was a very nice trendy spot that perpetually seems crowded. The following Bowmore scotches were tasted blind.

Bowmore Legend (about 7 YO) 40 proof, $25. Amber color. The nose was unusual with a sweet veggie nose. IN the mouth it was much better with sweet full balanced flavors of malt. It is mellow, long, lightly wooded, and fairly full. An excellent drink that is an incredible value. Group score: 17.07

Bowmore, 10 YO, 43 proof, $35. Amber color. The nose is full and slightly sweet with aromas of chocolate, veggies and iodine. In the mouth it has medium weight, has good wood, dry, flowery with violets. This is the prettiest of the scotches. Group score 16.31

Bowmore 17 YO, 43 proof, $55. Medium amber color. This is very similar to the 21 year old Bowmore in style. It has a slightly peaty, vegetal and chocolatey nose. In the mouth it is full, weighty and packing a rather big does of wood. Group score: 16.45

Bowmore, 1971, 21 YO, 43 proof, $110. Very deep amber color. The nose is a bit of a turnoff. It is a bit closed and somewhat woody but also rubbery and slightly stinky. In the mouth it is a little better. It is medium weight, balanced, with medium full flavors and some peat. This is somewhat light for a 21 year old scotch. Group score 16.19

Bowmore, 1969, 25 YO, 43 proof, $130. Very deep amber color. Great nose: fine, full, balanced, vegetal, withy some salt-sea peat and iodine. The mouth did not disappoint. It is a fine, balanced, surprisingly delicate but with a great strength and length in the finish buoyed by a fine dose of wood. I really liked this. I differ from the group big time here. Group score 15.1, My Score (Harry Kuchma) 17.5

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