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    Section 1: The World's Leading Drink

  1. What is Scotch Whisky?
  2. Is Scotch Whisky the world's leading drink?
  3. When consumers ask for a Scotch, what exactly do they mean?
  4. What is a single whisky?
  5. What is the legal definition of Scotch Whisky?
  6. What is a Blended Scotch Whisky?
  7. Which spelling is correct, Whisky or Whiskey?
  8. What is the difference between Scotch, Irish, Rye and Bourbon Whiskies?
  9. What are spirits?

    Section 2: The History of Scotch Whisky

  10. What is the origin of the name 'whisky'?
  11. When was Scotch Whisky first distilled?
  12. What is the history of charging duty on Scotch Whisky?

    Section 3: Scotch Whisky in the Making

  13. How is Scotch Whisky made?
  14. What are the main kinds of Scotch Whisky?
  15. What gives Scotch Whisky its distinctive flavour and bouquet?
  16. Why do whiskies produced in different distilleries vary in flavour?
  17. How many distilleries are there?
  18. Can Scotch Whisky be made only in Scotland?
  19. If you could duplicate exactly a Scotch Whisky distillery in, say,Brazil or Spain, could you produce Scotch?

    Section 4: The Importance of Blending

  20. What is blending? What is its object?
  21. When was blending introduced?
  22. What is the percentage of Malt and Grain Whiskies in blended Scotch Whisky?
  23. What is a de luxe blended Scotch Whisky?
  24. When there is an age label on a bottle of blended whisky does it refer to the average age of the whiskies in that blend?
  25. Is it legal to sell whisky which is less than three years old for consumption in this country?

    Section 5: Scotch Whisky and the World

  26. What is the proportion of home sales to exports?
  27. How does consumption of Scotch Whisky in Scotland compare with that in the rest of Britain?
  28. How important is Scotch Whisky as an export earner?
  29. To how many countries is Scotch exported?
  30. Is the European Community an important market for Scotch Whisky?
  31. What are the total stocks of Scotch Whisky in this country?
  32. Is there a large amount of money tied up in whisky stocks?
  33. Can Scotch Whisky be purchased as an investment?

    Section 6: Sale and Distribution

  34. How is the alcoholic strength of Scotch Whisky measured?
  35. What was meant by proof spirit?
  36. How was whisky tested for proof strength?
  37. At what strength is whisky sold (a) at home, (b) for export?
  38. How does U.S. proof strength compare with British and European strengths?
  39. What sizes of casks are used for bulk whisky and what are their respective capacities?
  40. What is the liquid content of the bottles most commonly used for Scotch Whisky sales in the home market?
  41. How soon after it is distilled is whisky usually sold?

    Section 7: Scotch Whisky and the Consumer

  42. Why is Scotch Whisky so expensive in Britain?
  43. How does the rate of duty on Scotch Whisky compare with that on other alcoholic liquors?
  44. Why is whisky duty-free at sea?
  45. How many brands of Scotch Whisky are there?
  46. What are the best blends?
  47. Some Scotch Whisky has a smoky flavour. What causes this?
  48. Is it possible to tell the difference between one brand of Scotch Whisky and another by smell alone?
  49. How old should the best Scotch Whisky be?
  50. Does Scotch Whisky in a bottle lose its strength with age?
  51. Does Scotch Whisky improve in a bottle which is kept sealed?
  52. What causes Whisky to lose its brightness?
  53. At what temperature is whisky best served?
  54. Is the bouquet of Scotch Whisky improved by warming slightly?
  55. What is the best shape of a whisky glass?
  56. What is the measure at which Scotch Whisky is generally sold across the counter?
  57. What information must by law be given on the label of a bottle of Scotch Whisky sold in the home market?
  58. Does it spoil or improve the flavour of Scotch Whisky to put ice into it as a drink?
  59. Why do some people turn a new bottle of Scotch Whisky upside down before opening?
  60. Is it injurious to drink whisky with oysters or other shellfish?
  61. What is the difference between Scotch Whisky and gin?
  62. What is the alcoholic strength of Scotch Whisky?
  63. What are the usual alcoholic strengths of other drinks?
  64. How should one drink Scotch Whisky?

    Section 8: Definitions

  65. What is a single whisky?
  66. What is meant by saccharify?
  67. What is diastase?
  68. What is wort?
  69. What is Wash?
  70. What is the Pot Still distillation?
  71. What is Patent Still distillation?
  72. What is the worm?
  73. What are low wines?
  74. What is pot ale?
  75. What are foreshots?
  76. What are feints?
  77. What are spent lees?
  78. What is draff?
  79. What are the principal by-products of Scotch Whisky?
  80. What is meant by Under Bond and Duty Paid sales, respectively?

    Section 9: Scotch Whisky and the Environment

  81. Can Scotch Whisky be described as a drink from nature?

    Section 10: Scotch Whisky and Health

  82. Is alcohol good for health?
  83. How common is the misuse of alcohol?
  84. What can be done to prevent the misuse of alcohol?
  85. How does the Scotch Whisky Industry help in prevention?