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Installing the LEGO machine

Pre-compiled versions of LEGO are available here for Solaris, SunOS 4.x and Linux. For any other architecture, you will need to
  1. uncompress and untar the SML sources

  2. adjust the paths accessing New Jersey SML modulesuse "/home/njml/lib/smlnj-lib/lib-base-sig.sml"; use "/home/njml/lib/smlnj-lib/lib-base.sml"; use "/home/njml/lib/smlnj-lib/pathname-sig.sml"; use "/home/njml/lib/smlnj-lib/pathname.sml"; in the module build.sml

  3. create a shell variable ARCH and set it to the architecture arch you are using e.g., for Solaris (using a BASH shell), you would need to specify export ARCH=sun4-51

  4. create a subdirectory with the same name arch

  5. Use New Jersey SML Version 0.93 and invoke use "build.sml";

  6. Invoke make_lego true string;, where string is any string you want to appear in the banner.

  7. Please make your compiled version available for other users; notify <lego@dcs.ed.ac.uk>

  8. Install the LEGO library

  9. Install the Emacs interface

  10. and any other tools you fancy.
If you change the lexer (lego.lex) or the parser (lego.grm) you will have to recreate lego.lex.sml, lego.grm.sig and lego.grm.sml using sml-lex and sml-yacc.

Thomas Schreiber <lego@dcs.ed.ac.uk>