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Theorems about Equality

All of the above notions of equality are reflexive and substitutive. We can thus derive symmetry and transitivity. Furthermore, equality respects function applications i.e.,

\frac{a=b}{{f(a)}={f(b)}} \tag{\tt Eq\_resp}\\ \frac{a_1=b_1\quad a_2=b_2}{{f(a_1)(a_2)}={f(b_1)(b_2)}}\tag{\tt Eq\_resp2}\end{gather*}

 ** Module lib_eq_basics Imports lib_eq
  injective = ... : {S|Type}{T|Type}(S->T)->Prop
  Eq_sym = ... : {t|Type}sym (Eq|t)
  Eq_trans = ... : {t|Type}trans (Eq|t)
  Eq_resp = ... : {A|Type}{B|Type}{f:A->B}respect f Eq
 ** Config Equality Eq Eq_refl Eq_subst
 ** Config Qrepl Eq Eq_subst Eq_sym
 ** Config Qrepl Eq Eq_subst Eq_sym
  Eq_resp2 = ... : {A|Type}{B|Type}{C|Type}{r:A->B->C}respect2 r Eq

Conor McBride