"I am the foot-fucking master…"

This is a quite, of course, from Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, I didn't bother to look for any homepage concerned with that movie, to be honest, I think it is rather pathetic to start a page about movies with a quotation from that particular movie - not because it is not good, on the contrary, but because it has become some sort of mainstream refernce point and such things are always to be avoided.

Having said that, I don't know wheter it is a good sign or not that movies like the aforementioned one become popular.Then again, it just doesn't make a difference at all. Dunno, maybe this thought simply leads nowhere. The last word is not chosen arbitarily, it is also the name of a movie which I quite enjoyed two years ago, such a feast of glow-in-the-dark-colours and alien abduction, drug induced states of complete chaos, quite nice.

If someone is interested in finding out details about certain movies, check out the Internet Movie Database where you can find virtually any film that has been made ever (although I obviously haven't checked).

Movies I like(d) include the following: Show me love (a.k.a. Fucking Åmål) - Tumbleweeds - Sleepy Hollow - Pi - 23 - Dune - Lost Highway - Chungking Express and various other Wong Kar Wei - and so on, the list is rather endless…

Marco Kick
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