Just in case you didn't know:

Don't expect prog-rock from the 70s or classical music from 1700s. I am more into modern, or rather, post-modern music. To name a few examples, just for the hell of it (in no particular order):

As I spend much time and money listening to and buying new music, if possible still on VINYL, I was quite delighted when two friends of mine said that they were going to start up a fanzine and asked me if I would like to join them. Of course I said yes, and here is the result: Pittiplatsch3000, a fanzine on life-style, popular culture, music and more. In addition to that, as in there punk and related musical styles are not valued too highly, I am also occasionally contributing to the fanzine of my (younger!) brother, Whiplash, until recently known as Rockaway Zine.

Here are a couple of (possibly) interesting links apart from those already included up there:

So I guess I'll stop here before I spend even more time on this page than I have already done, this is only a small glimpse at my musical interests…

Marco Kick
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