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Peruse my MSc Dissertation [html][gzipped postscript]

My thesis proposal [html][postscript].

Or my 2nd Year Progress Report [html][postscript].

Consider viewing this brief description of what my research is currently all about.

The paper version of the poster I took to "Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing '97".

The paper I presented to "Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing '98".

The slides for the presentation that I gave for last years annual Postgraduate Conference.

A document I am currently working on.

My references list.


If you want to reduce your film-going enjoyment, then visit my Spoilers Page

Hear all about my home-brew beer. (Not yet...)

View my www bookmarks. (Or at least an old version of them.)

I can offer you a picture that when clicked will allow you to mail me...

(... or simply mail me at

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