Martin Wehr


Hi! Welcome to my home page. My .plan file may (if I've remembered to update it!) give you an idea of where I am and when I should be around the office. Contact information and local links are listed at the bottom of this page.


I am participating in the TCOOL project

I am doing organisatorical work for the Edinburgh site in the APPSEM working group

I am organiser of the Semantics club

I gave a post graduate course on typed program calculi. TPG courses I plan to offer lecture notes soon.


My research interests are focused on typed program calculi their semantics their type inference/reconstruction and their implementation.

Therefore I am interested in game semantics, linear logic (proof nets, geometry of interaction), category theory, pure type systems, pi-calculi.

A list of papers written (entirely or jointly) by me is available.

I am fascinated by the aesthetics of mathematics. So I try to understand the relevance of new mathmatical developments for logic and program calculi. This lead my attention to quantum computing, higher dimensional categories (also named ``post-modern algebra'' by John Baez), quantum algebra and algebraical topology.


Here you will find some more pictures of me and my son Dominik.

Contact Information and Local Links

Contact Information

Voice Office +44 131 650 5151
Home +44 131 667 8898
Fax +44 131 650 7209
Post Department of Computing Science
University of Edinburgh
Mayfield Road, King's Buildings

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