Computer Science 2 Teaching Assistant Jobs


Type (Tut/Demo/Other ...):  Teaching Assistant

Time in Year:  Throughout year

Number of Posts: 2

Description:  CS2 is the second-year computer science degree course. The course is split into two half-courses:

CS2Ah (term 1 week 1 to term 2 week 3)

CS2Bh (term 2 week 4 to term 3 week 5)

More information, can be found off the CS2 home page .

Two teaching assistants are required to provide support in the following areas.

Useful skills for a teaching assistant are: ability to write simple HTML, knowledge of LaTeX, knowledge of Unix/Linux background including the ability to write simple bash or perl scripts, some Java programming. It is not necessary to have all these skills. The jobs will be distributed amongst the two teaching assistants according to aptitude.

The teaching assistants will work closely with the CS2 lecture team: Marcelo Cintra, Martin Grohe, Ian Stark, Stuart Anderson, Michael Fourman, Henry Thompson, Chris Walton and with the course organiser.

Payment is at demonstrator rate (with tutoring compensated appropriately). In 2001-2002, this is £9.90 per hour.

Total Hours:  500 (each post)

Contact:  To apply, register your interest with the Informatics Teaching Office