Computer Science 2 Lab Demonstrator Jobs


Type (Tut/Demo/Other ...):  Demonstrator

Time in Year:  Terms 1 and 2, and term 3 weeks 3-5 (after CS4 exams).

Number of Posts: 5

Description:  CS2 is the second-year computer science degree course. The course is split into two half-courses:

CS2Ah (term 1 week 1 to term 2 week 3)

CS2Bh (term 2 week 4 to term 3 week 5)

More information, can be found off the CS2 home page .

Demonstrators are typically CS4 students, although enthusiastic CS3 students may also apply. Demonstrators need a good knowledge of Java and Linux and, ideally (but not essentially), some knowledge of HTML, PHP and SQL.

Demonstrating slots are 3 hours long, from 2-5pm or 1-4pm in JCMB north machine hall each weekday. Demonstrators take, on average, one slot per week for the duration of the course. (There are no slots, however, during the CS4 exams.) Demonstrators also help respond to the cs2help email helpline.

Payment is at demonstrator rate. In 2001-2002, this is £9.90 per hour.

Contact:  To apply, register your interest with the Informatics Teaching Office