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You are expected to spend about 60 hours of work on each technical module; thus you should expect to spend an average of around 3 hours per week per module on coursework (the rest of the time being taken up by the lectures themselves and by note-reading and revision). Of course this is only a rough guide.

It is important that you organise your time carefully during the year; not only will this help you to do better coursework, but it's a useful skill in itself. Remember that access to machines will be most difficult near deadlines. It is OK to hand in work before the deadline!

All course work must be re-submitted to the ITO (room 1502) in June so that it is available for the examiners to inspect during the assessment process. The deadline for resubmission is the end of week 5 of term 3.


You must read and follow both the University's (revised, 1999) policy on plagiarism (section 5 of the Degree Examination Regulations), and the Division of Informatics Guidelines on Plagiarism. See the course home page for links.

Handing in coursework

The default policy on late hand-in of coursework is that work handed in up to a week late will be accepted, but will not be awarded more than two-thirds of the marks available. Work is not normally accepted for marking more than one week after the deadline.

Individual lecturers may adopt their own deadline policy, in which case they will tell you before the coursework is handed out.

Return of coursework

Work will normally be handed back within two weeks (four in the case of the two major projects).

Coursework will be annotated with both a grade and a mark. Please note that these are provisional and may be revised by the Board of Examiners (for example, this might happen if it became clear that coursework had been much more harshly marked on one course than another).

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