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Facilities and Information


You must read and follow the University's Computing Regulations: see CS3 home page for links. Please note that any files in student accounts, and their email etc., may be inspected when any breach of the Regulations is suspected.

All the Linux machines in the Machine Halls are generally available to all students from CS2 onwards. However, special arrangements may apply to certain groups of machines near deadlines, to ensure adequate resources are available to the course in question. You may also obtain accounts for EUCS public laboratories throughout the University. (Support has registration forms for EUCS services.)

You are allowed to use these facilities until 22:00 without any special permission. Anyone who wants to remain in the building after that time must have a letter of authorization from the Head of Division. These can be obtained from the ITO. If you do not have written permission you may be asked to leave by the servitors after 22:00. Access to the machine halls is controlled by Entacard at all times. You should have been issued with a card in CS2. Replacement cards cost 2 pounds and may be obtained from Support.

You will have a file-store allocation of around 14 MBytes each. For up-to-date information on quotas, please point your browser at:

Printers, Lecture Notes and Photocopying

You are occasionally required to print documents using laser printers (for example, during the System Design Project). You are therefore permitted a moderate amount of printing and photocopying without cost, provided it is connected with the work of the course. Printer and photocopier use is monitored so that excessive use can be detected.

For some modules, printed lecture notes are provided. Normally, a small number of extra copies will be placed in the CS3 pigeon holes (at the end of the 15 corridor). When these are exhausted it is your responsibility to find copies of the lecture notes (the ITO may be able to help, or the notes may be available on the modules's web page) and make copies yourself. Do not take more than one copy of each lecture note when they are handed out during lectures. Please ensure that spare copies are returned to the lecturer at the end of the lecture.

Technical Support

There is extensive documentation of the computing systems and software available to you (go to, or follow the link from the CS home page). You may also find newsgroups, especially eduni.dcs.cs3 and eduni.dcs.questions helpful. For further support send email to support. If you come across any computing equipment that is faulty please send email to faults, giving the location of the faulty equipment and some indication of the problem.

Email, news and the Web

The newsgroup eduni.dcs.cs3 will be used for information on CS3. You should check this several times a week, preferably every day, as there will often be notices concerning current assignments and running of the course. As electronic mail will frequently be used for communication with individual students, you should also check your email (almost) every day, and arrange for your email to be forwarded if you mainly use machines in other departments. All students now use the EUCS Student Mail Service (SMS), and not the Division's own mail servers. The basics of this are explained in

You may use email, ftp and the Web, both within the department and outside. However, please remember that the UK national networks are strictly for academic business and that Internet traffic from the USA (e.g. browsing US web sites) costs us real money (approximately 2p/MByte). Therefore you must keep the volume of data low. Traffic is logged and heavy users may find their privilege revoked.

Extra-curricular computing activities will normally be tolerated provided they

In particular, they must not involve the ``holding or distribution of any material which is defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or otherwise illegal or is offensive or calculated to make others fearful, anxious or apprehensive''.

Please do not abuse these facilities. The department retains the right to withdraw computing facilities if necessary.

Information relating to CS3, including the on-line version of this document, is accessible via the Web from the School's home page.

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