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The results of degree examinations for all courses are decided by Boards of Examiners. Each Board (normally) includes all of the lecturers on the course (the lecturers set and mark the degree examinations) and (always) an External Examiner from another university. Directors of Studies normally attend Board meetings which involve their directees. Decisions of Boards of Examiners, once certified in writing, are final except that candidates have the right of appeal: (a) on the grounds of substantial information which for good reason was not available to the examiners when their decision was taken, or (b) on the grounds of alleged improper conduct of an examination (this includes conduct of a meeting of a Board of Examiners). Students are advised to consult their Director of Studies before initiating an appeal. An appeal must be submitted in writing to the Secretary to the University as soon as possible; only in exceptional circumstances are appeals considered more than three months after the results of an examination have been made known to the appellant.

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