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Law exam details

The law exam is on Wednesday May 15th, from 12 noon to 1pm.

People with surnames starting with A to E take the exam in JCMB Lecture Theatre C.

People with surnames starting with F to Z take the exam in the Joseph Black Lecture Theatre LT250 (in the old Chemistry building).

PI Essay grades 2002

CS3 Professional Issues

The Professional Issues module provides an introduction to some of the non-technical issues of importance to someone working in the fields of software or hardware development and engineering. It is a compulsory module for all third-year students on a degree course wholly or jointly in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Parts of the module should provide insights in preparing for the CS3 System Design Project, which takes place in term 3.

The Professional Issues module is in two parts. The first part takes place in terms 1 and 2, and consists of the Professional Issues lectures. The second part takes place in term 3, and consists of the Law Lectures.

This module is assessed as follows:

Term 1

The first Professional Issues lecture ("More Than Just A Degree") takes place on the first day of Term 1. The slides for this lecture ere available via a link in the list below. There is also a link to a copy of the BCS Professional Examination module which deals with professional issues, and you are encouraged to pursue you own learning on all the topics it includes. The story of the engineer and the manager is designed to provoke you into thinking about the relationship between technical and managerial attitudes to product development.

Term 2 - Visiting Lectures

The main series of Professional Issues lectures take place in Term 2 on Tuesdays at 11am, in JCMB Lecture Theatre A.

Calendar for 2002

The calendar is subject to change at short notice depending on commitments of those giving the talks. If a lecture has to be cancelled for any reason this will be posted on eduni.dcs.cs3 and you'll be sent mail.


The assessment for the term 2 part of the Professional Issues module is by an essay. This should be of around 1500 words in length (that's about three pages of single-spaced 12 point type on A4), as follows:

"The proper management of risk is the most crucial requirement for the successful provision of any technological product or service".

Discuss, taking examples from at least THREE of the topics raised in the Professional Issues lecture series.

Deadline is Monday March 18. As that's just into the vacation I'll accept paper OR mailed Word copy. Please make sure each page has your name and matric number in the footer. Mail is at the sender's own risk and should have "PI Essay" in the Subject: line. Unless anyone objects I will publish a table on the module Web page, indexed by Matric number of which essays I have received so you can check.

clashes with lectures

Please note that if you have tutorials on Tuesday at 12 you should make sure you make them on time even if PI speakers over-run. Speakers have all been warned that they must finish on time, but there is a limit to the size of the hints we can drop. If the speaker is overrunning and you have to go, go.


Links to Professional Institutions

For the entrepreneurial

Term 3 - Law Lectures

The law lectures run in weeks 1 to 4 of term 3, on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 2pm. In week 4, the lecture will probably end closer to 1pm. Mechanical Engineering 3 students also attend these lectures, which are held in Ashworth Building Lecture Theatre 1. The Ashworth Building is the one in the north-east corner of KB; its entrance faces the traffic light junction where Mayfield Rd meets West Mains Rd.

The lectures are given by staff from the Law Faculty, and cover aspects of Scots and UK law of relevance to engineers.

Law lecture handout

The law lectures handout is available in three formats (currently last year's handout; this year's will replace it shortly):

Law exam

The law exam is one hour long, with multiple-choice style questions. Because of its multiple-choice nature, copies of previous years' papers are not available for this exam. The law exam mark is the mark for Professional Issues which is included in your overall third year mark, with a weight one third that of each of the technical modules.

John Butler, jhb@dcs.ed.ac.uk, JCMB room 2504, ext. 505181
Tim Hopkins, tmh@dcs.ed.ac.uk, JCMB room 2616, ext. 505153
Roland Ibbett, rni@dcs.ed.ac.uk, JCMB room 3420, ext. 505116