CS3 Professional Issues - Book List

[amended 25/1/00]

Professional Issues

  1. Professional Issues in Software Engineering", 2nd edition Bott, Coleman, Eaton & Rowland, Pitman, 1995
  2. "Engineers in Business", Mike Lanigan, Addison-Wesley, 1992.
  3. "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", Robert M Pirsig, Corgi, 1974
  4. "Law and the Internet", L Edwards & C Waelde, Hart, 1997
This list is taken from the slides use in the first PI lecture See also the booklist at the end of the BCS Professional Issues Syllabus

Roland Ibbett
January 15 2001


  1. "The Essence of Small Business" - Colin Barrow
  2. "The Business Plan Workbook" - Barrow
  3. "Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship" - Bygrave
  4. "Small Business Management - Case Studies" - Stokes.
  5. "Making it Big in Software" - Peter McHugh
Of these I am familiar with 1.; 2-4 are taken from the booklist for the MBA course in small businesses. The first two are fairly cheap paperbacks; the third is rather more expensive. I have had a quick look at the McHugh book. It deals with the UK which is a big advantage but is really aimed at businesses which are a bit past the embryo startup phase and at £25 is quite expensive unless you are approaching that stage. Some useful hints and tips though

The Technology Ventures booklet was "A Guide to Technology Support in Scotland" published by Technology Ventures (their URL is in the slides).

John Butler
January 15 2001