Professional Issues Essay 2002

Checklist to 15:00, Thursday 2 May 2002

The table shows your grades for the Professional Issues essay. The requirement is for a pass/fail but I have graded them 'A', 'B', 'C' for your information. 'B' means you produced something average. 'A' meant it looked as if you had made an effort, brought in additional material or argued your points well. 'C' meant there was a problem of some sort. An 'x' means that you were in the database but not on the mark table I was given so I assume you weren't expected to produce anything. A '-' means I've not seen anything from you and you should have had mail asking why. (lost e-mail or non-submission) Four of you submitted material good enough that I reckoned it was worth commenting on so you got an "A*".

No-one submitted material so bad I felt I had to fail it so if you submitted something you passed.

I didn't write much on your individual submissions but you got marked down for things like only referring to one talk (I wanted some indication you had been to a few of them), lack of structure (big slabs of text with no paragraphs or indications that you were doing more than just dumping words on the page), being way too short, wandering off the topic, failing to come to some sort of conclusion at the end. There is inevitably a little random noise on the grades - marking essays is always subjective.

I marked you up for the reverse of the above and for developing a clear argument, using references, effort, readability and so on.

PRN grade PRN grade PRN grade PRN grade
0092652- 0094217x 0126137x 0199831x
9731423x 9809491B 9809624A 9809709C
9809752- 9810028B 9810040B 9810147A
9810449- 9810463C 9810767B 9811069-
9811094A 9811144- 9811154B 9811252B
9811255- 9812313A 9812432x 9812504A
9812653- 9812654- 9812690A* 9812716A
9812732A 9812751B 9812783A 9812803A
9812839- 9813557- 9813654A 9813680A
9814150B 9814469- 9900572A 9900580-
9900692B 9900764A 9901189B 9901233C
9901237A 9901256A 9901304B 9901377A
9901475A 9901489A 9901503A 9901516C
9901553B 9901573B 9901626B 9901630B
9901640A 9901662A 9901710A 9901713B
9901726A 9901873A* 9901875A 9901887B
9901975A 9902008B 9902009B 9902049B
9902058A 9902066A 9902067B 9902074A
9902097A 9902132A 9902249B 9902264C
9902280B 9902287C 9902292B 9902335B
9902421A 9902468- 9902476A 9902482C
9902491- 9902500B 9902504A 9902505A
9902558B 9902619B 9902657B 9902677B
9903977B 9903992A 9904010A 9904025B
9904132B 9904184- 9904253x 9904295A
9904338B 9904339B 9904340A 9904344-
9904377x 9904464B 9904944A 9905013B
9905032C 9905060C 9905111x 9905130B
9905155B 9905195B 9905300B 9905319B
9905330C 9905357B 9905380A 9905424A
9905433A* 9905513A* 9905535A 9905592A
9905648B 9905649B 9905724A 9905725-
9905744B 9905777B 9905779B 9905831x
9905854- 9905868B 9905892B 9905941B
9906176A 9906256A