Software Engineering with Objects and Components 1 Log

This log contains the record of lectures and tutorials as they have happened. Copies of lecture notes and tutorial/practical handouts will become available from this page as appropriate.

This page also gives provides links to further reading which is both recommended and suggested. Suggested links lead to further information which is relevant to the course and thus may be of interest to you. Recommended links lead to further information on specific lecture topics and will be examinable.

Note that the recommended and suggested readings are both in addition to reading from the course books: Using UML (Stevens and Pooley) and Software Engineering (Sommerville). The required readings from these books are listed on the course timetable. Readings from Using UML will be examinable; readings from Software Engineering are mostly background and provide more detail on topics you have covered both in this course and previously in CS2.

Week Day Lectures Handout Recommended Readings Suggested Readings
Tue  Overview of the Course  The LASCAD failure. A History of OO
Thu  Software Engineering and OO Issues  Lecture Note 1 and Lecture Note 2 issued Software Engineering Links:
Tue  Use Cases  Lecture Note 3 issued From a Software Development Online series on Use Case modelling:
Wed  Class Models  Lecture Note 4 issued
Thu  CRC Cards  Lecture Note 5 issued Original CRC card article
Tue  Collaboration Diagrams  Lecture Note 7 issued
Thu  Process Management  Lecture Note 6 issued Notes on Planning:
Tue  Sequence Diagrams  Lecture Note 8 issued
Thu  Testing  Lecture Note 9 issued Notes on Testing
Tue  State Diagrams  Lecture Note 10 issued
Tue  Activity Diagrams  Lecture Note 11 issued
Thu  Reuse and Components (1)  Lecture Note 12 issued Patterns for software development
Tue  Reuse and Components (2)  Lecture Note 13 issued Software Development Online:
Thu  Engineering High-Dependability Systems (1)  Lecture Note 16 issued
  • Nancy Levenson's article on Therac 25
  • Anthony Finkelstein's report on CUFS (Cambridge University Financial System)
Tue  Engineering High-Dependability Systems (2)  Lecture Note 17 issued
Thu  UML IMplementation Diagrams  Lecture Note 14 issued
Tue  Maintenance and Evolution  Lecture Note 15 issued Someone else's lecture notes on Software Maintenance  Article: A Case Study in Software Wrapping 
Thu  Open issue and Course summary  Lecture Note 18 issued

Corin Gurr

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