Connectix QuickCam Documentation

The QuickCam is intended to be mounted on the Lego robotic explorer as its vision system. Unfortunately, no wireless communication to the base station is available so the length of the wire to the QuickCam places a limit on the roaming range of the robot. The connection is to the parallel port of the Arcom board.

The camera is monochrome with 4 bits per pixel. The basic frame size is given by the definitions qc_frame_height and qc_frame_width in the driver header file. These values are currently 240 lines in height and 288 pixels in width (but could change in later driver releases). There are also modes of decimation which reduce the size of the image. This might be useful if transfer speed to the host PC becomes a problem.


The QuickCam driver provides the following functions:

The QuickCam Driver

The driver's header file to be included in your WinCE application code can be found in qc.h
(right click and `Save As...').

The driver itself is provided in WinCE object form (for NDA reasons) at qc.obj for C programs (filename extension `.c', and at qcc.obj for C++ programs (filename extension `.cpp'). This file must be added to your WinCE application project within the Embedded C++ system in order to be linked in with your code by the `build' command. (Project -> Add to Project -> Files... )

QuickCam Demo Application

The C source for WinCE the demo application can be found in quickcam.c
It continuously displays successive images from the camera. These appear in false colours for the sake of simplicity. To try it out, follow the instructions given in the WinCE documentation. Remember to add the driver object file to the project.