Getting Started Basics


Windows 2000

Each group has a Windows 2000 PC with an account set up:

username: group#

password: group# where # is the group number

This account is in the Administrators group. I suggest one group member use this account to manage the machine and set up user accounts for the other group members. You can do this by opening the following links:

Start-Settings-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Local Users and Groups-Users

Select Actions-New User and fill in the user details

I also suggest all members be put in the Administrators Group which will give each user full control over the Windows system.

Start-Settings-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Local Users and Groups-Groups-Administrators

Press the Add button, select the user and press Add again then OK twice.

Note you will be prompted to change your group password the first time you log in - let the rest of your group know what the new password is.



The IDE Brix Command Centre has been provided on the Windows 2000 PCs and can be used to program the Lego RCX Module.

The first thing you must do after fitting the batteries into the RCX module is to download the Firmware.

Attach the Lego IR Tower to COM Port 2 of the PC ( COM1 will be used by Microsoft eMbedded Tools to communicate with the Arcom board - see later) and do the following:

Power on the RCX module

Launch BrixCC select Automatic in the Searching for Brick dialogue box

Under the Tools menu select Download Firmware

The firmware you want is: C:\unzipped\RCX2_SDK_BETA\firm0328.lgo

In Chose the Firmware file dialogue navigate to it

Make sure the RCX module is ON

Select firm0328.lgo and open it

The firmware will be downloaded to the LEGO Brick - making it an RCX2 module



Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools - eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0

The IDE Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools - eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 is used to write/compile/debug programs to run on the Arcom Media GX board under Microsoft CE.

In order to download the programs to the Arcom board there are two things that must be done:

Configure a serial communications port on the Windows 2000 PC and configure eMbedded Tools for PPP Transport.

Configure Serial Port:

This should already be done for you. However, if you wish to configure another connection do the following:

A Dial-up Computer-to-Computer connection should be configured for COM Port 1 of the PC as follows:

Start-Settings-Network & Dial-up Connections-Make New Connection

In the Network Connections Wizard press Next

Select Connect Directly to Another Computer

Select Host

Select COM1

Select Properties and configure the Port speed = 19200 and Flow control = Hardware

Select the Advanced tab and configure the Data bits = 8, Parity = None and Stop bits = 1



Allocate the user


Give a name for your connection e.g. Arcom Board


Configure eMbedded Visual Tools:

Launch Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools - Visual C++ 3.0 and under the Tools menu select Configure Platform Managerů.


Select ARCH1PLATFORM (Default Device)

Select Properties

Select PPP Transport for Windows CE

Select Advanced

Select Manual Server




You should refer to:

for the creation of CE programs and downloading to the Arcom board.

Archie Howitt

12 April 2002