CS4 modules next year

There is never any guarantee that any particular CS4 module will be presented in any given year - at the level of specialisation of those courses, what can be presented depends strongly on the expertise of available staff. For a variety of reasons which staff will be available is not known with certainty until the last minute.

However, realising that it's helpful for CS3 students to know as early as possible what the situation is likely to be, this table contains those existing CS4 modules known to be "at risk" of not being delivered next year for whatever reason. The information here may be sketchy, inaccurate or incomplete as many factors can affect the set of modules delivered - the purpose of this page is to be a repository of what I (CS3 course organiser) believe to be the current state.

Students: be aware that these courses might not happen in the listed year.

Staff: suggested solutions, e.g. if you have a burning desire to teach one of these modules, should be sent to the (Deputy) Director of Teaching.
Session Year Module Reason Comment

Perdita Stevens
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