Adriana Compagnoni

Department of Computer Science ,
The University of Edinburgh,
James Clerk Maxwell Building,
King's Buildings,
Mayfield Road,
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ,
United Kingdom.
Telephone (+44) 131 650 5199
Fax (+44) 131 667 7209

I am an European TMR Research Fellow and work at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh.

My research interests include programming language semantics, type theory, subtyping, and object oriented programming.

I am teaching a course on Foundations Of Calculi With Subtypes And Objects (in Spanish). From 22nd to 30th of June, 1998 , at University of La Plata, Argentina.


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Present Research Program

This is a brief description of my research at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh.

My research is concentrated on the study of subtyping, a primitive relation important to many different areas of computer science, including software specification, object-oriented programming, modular software design, and computer-assisted proof.

My first research goal is to provide a theoretical basis for enriching proof-checking systems with subtyping. Existing proof checkers, such as Lego, Coq, NuPrl, and Alf do not incorporate subtyping. Joint work with David Aspinall proved that the addition of subtyping to type theories with dependent types preserves the decidability of typechecking.

My second research goal is to study subtyping systems for programming languages. Sustained research over the last decade has led recently to powerful new type systems for a broad range of object-oriented features. My research will have applications to Standard ML's successor ML2000 and to object calculi. In recent joint work with Healfdene Goguen we studied Typed Operational Semantics for Higher-Order Subtyping, and in Decidability of Higher-Order Subtyping via Logical Relations we used logical relations for the first time to establish a decidability result for subtyping. Maribel Fernández and I defined and studied and extension of Abadi and Cardelli's Object Calculi with Algebraic Rewriting.

My third research goal is to investigate the applications of typing and subtyping in concurrency.

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