Dr Cynical

As a public service, I have decided to leave assorted of my writings on the Web. Hopefully, however happy or sad you may be, you'll find them cathartic and heartwarming.

The following articles are available:

Also available (although rather longer) is my somewhat dubious fairy story A Grim Tale.

My last project was a collaboration with the scurrilous Caroline Miller. We've finished our extremely sexist Doctor Who script featuring the late lamented Jon Pertwee and the fabulous Katy Manning. It's called Brain Power. The whole thing can be read in spectacular .dvi, bulky bulky postscript or, for ASCII fans, dodgy text (dvi2tty output).

Dr Cynical, which is not, of course, her real name, has been sacked from her post as the Reader in Experimental Tactlessness at the Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh, and is now running a guest house in Bury St Edmunds.