mother earth depression

by jeremy wemberley

           the world is bad!
          the world is BAD!
             and i am sad
             for i'm a cad
             (a rotter just as gone awry
              as any other kind of guy,
            except that I SPEAK OUT;
              this is the kind of thing
          that POEMS ought to be about)
      and even worse, i am a lad
            (i hit a GIRL when i was five
              so i'm not fit to be alive;
             there can be NO EXCUSE,
                not even if she's ten
               and into genital abuse)

           would it hurt you
           if i kissed BOYS?
           action man toys
         are far better friends
       than that GIRL with her
           two extra brains
                 (she's figuring out
             how to give me the stains)

              he's awfully THIN
             that boy in my class
          and strawberry birthmarked
             ALL OVER his skin;
                (the girls think you're queer
                    if you don't LAUGH
                    the boys all hit you
                     the girls all cheer)
              outside i mock him
             for FEAR of a fight;
           inside i'm FRIGHTENED
            the girls could be right
               (i've never TOUCHED anyone
                     purple and white)

when horrible things happen to OTHER people
             we don't make a fuss
             as long as it's not US
           (we're in the car and they're on the bus
                    so put up the fares)
    we're in the lift and they're on the stairs
   but if there's a FIRE then being in the lift
             won't do us any good
        (especially not if bits of it are made of wood)

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