The FallNet

If you join the FallNet, be prepared (amongst other things) for lots of meaningless traffic, particularly from the other side of the pond, without any relation whatsoever to the Fall. There was a time when the list was asleep for twenty days a month, but nowadays it suffers the typical net syndrome of uninteresting people craving for attention posting content-free articles just to get noticed, particularly evident in discussions about "my most embarassing personal habits" or something equally ridiculous.

To my taste, filled with too much mindless chatter and too many people who like the Beatles, don't like footie and use words like "deconstructivism". High noise ratio and a whiff of trainspotting, but the occasional pearl in the mud (like this), and of course a good source of information as far as upcoming live appearances and releases are concerned.

Technical details

The mailing list is located at

To subscribe, send a mail with

subscribe fall <your address>
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To unsubscribe, you should send a mail with

unsubscribe fall
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