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Creation of these pages has been an editing, scanning and compilation exercise and there is very little original material here. I am therefore indebted to the authors of the material which I have used - these are enumerated below.

A word first about copyright

These pages have been culled from numerous sources and are made available for non-commercial use. Copyright for these Web pages remains with the University of Edinburgh and copyright for the photographs and text passages therein belong to the original authors. The presence of links or references to commercial organisations does not imply sponsorship or endorsement of any kind.

All this material carries copyright of some sort. This is not intended to stop you using the material but the rights of the authors who have generously agreed to allow their material to be used must be protected (I'd do the same for you).

Thank you.

And a caveat

This material is kept up to date and as factually accurate as possible. It does however rely on supplied references and personal accounts which though reproduced in good faith cannot always be checked. If the facts are important to you, check with the original sources

mj: Michael Jackson

The principal reference for the material on individual distilleries is "The Malt Whisky Companion" - Michael Jackson [Dorling Kindersley 1991]. This is one of the definitive modern texts on malt whisky and the main inspiration behind this work. The book contains many numerous tasting notes and background information beyond the extracts reproduced here and is a "must" for anyone seriously interested in malt whisky.

All quotations from his book are reproduced here for viewing on the Web with permission and are flagged with his full name. These items are

Copyright Michael Jackson 1989, 1991, 1994.

Other than for viewing on the Web, no part of this material may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

Additional citations and paraphrasing are flagged "[mj]". I have edited some of the quotations to exploit the medium of hypertext.

You might like a look at the complete Michael Jackson bibliography

ms: Mike Seton

Text and numerous photographs are reproduced with permission from "Distilleries of Moray: An illustrated survey by Mike Seton" (Moray District Libraries, 1980; no ISBN). Further details can be found in the photograph credits. I am indebted to Mike Seton for allowing me the use of over 40 original distillery photographs from his collection.

as: Andy Sutherland

Andy Sutherland lists among his hobbies:
"visiting distilleries, tasting malt and collecting rare bottles of single malt". I am indebted to him for making available some of his excellent collection of distillery photos (and pamphlets, which I have raided for numerous details in the distillery accounts).

sfmar3: San Francisco, March 3

Extracts from tasting brochure for SMWS tasting, March 3 1994 San Francisco
Supplied by Barry Porter

tindogs: Tindogs Tasting Group of Chicago, Illinois

Those interested in more information on the Tindogs should contact:

Harry Kuchma
2421 W. Coyle Street
Illinois 60645-4609
Phone (+1) 312-761-1823.

They ask that you please give proper credit should you distribute their material to anyone else.

cm: Charles MacLean

"The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Whisky Book", Charles MacLean; Mitchell Beazley 1993 ISBN 1 85732 171 5. This is also an excellent pocket introduction to both malt and blended whisky.

smws: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Extracts from SMWS newsletters are reproduced with permission. They also furnished a loan of numerous distillery pamphlets.

The Society exists to promote the sale and enjoyment of malt whisky and does so by making and distributing their own independant bottlings. They produce a quarterly list of available malt whiskies and tasting notes and offer a variety of other information and facilities to members. They charge an annual subscription but are otherwise open to anyone interested nationally or internationally and may be contacted via their Web site

The Moray Tourist Board

Extracts from the "In and Around" series of leaflets from the Moray Tourist Board are copyright but reproduced here with their permission. The Tourist Board exists to promote the Moray area as an area of natural beauty, Scottish culture and of course one with a fine tradition of malt whisky production.

Further details about Moray may be obtained from:

The Elgin Tourist Information Centre
17 High Street
Moray IV30 1EG
Tel: (+44)1343-542666, Fax: (+44)1343-552982


The Scottish Tourist Board
P.O. Box 705
Edinburgh EH4 3EU
Tel: (+44)131-332-2433, Fax: (+44)131-343-1513

The Malt Whisky Mailing List

The Malts Mailing List operated first out of bbn.com and I owe thanks to members for numerous tasting notes and other comments, especially:

lh	  Larry Hunter	  < hunter@nlm.nih.gov > (for numerous tasting notes)
bh:	  Bill Hewitt	  < bill@cogsci.ed.ac.uk >
rb:	  Richard Bacon	  < RRAB@ml0.ucs.edinburgh.ac.uk >
macrshap: Richard Shapiro < macrshap@BBN.COM > (who ran it)
bjr:	  B.J. Reed	  < BREED@fa-cpacs.unomaha.edu >
jhb:	  John Butler	  < jhb@dcs.ed.ac.uk >
fy:	  Felix Yen	  < fwy@cadre.com >
bp:	  Barry Porter	  < barryp@newbirth.eng.sun.com >

See the separate entry for details of the current mailing list.

pg: Peter Green

The An Cnoc distillery or malt was mentioned in the 1994 Peter Green catalogue.

o.m.: Original Material

Numerous pamphlets, bottle labels, comments from informed sources. too many to mention. Thanks everyone.