Mash Tun

The malt grist is fed into the 'mash tun' where it is combined with a carefully measured quantity of hot water at around 65°C. This completes the conversion of dextrin into maltose and produces a fermentable solution of the malt sugars caled 'wort' or 'worts'. Mash Tuns contain rotating paddles which keep the wort in constant motion. Several washings draw out the malt.

Example capacities and quantities:

Capacities range from 2,000 - 8,000 gallons [9,000 - 36,000 litres]

A 5,000 gallon [23,000 litre] mash tun will take 4,750 gallons [21,600 litres] of water and 40 bushels [1,500 litres] of malt.

(A bushel = 8 gallons dry measure = 36.368 litres)