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In the Inner Hebrides, next to Islay, the isle of Jura is inhabited by 225 people. Its 150 square miles are mostly a wilderness of rock, moorland and peat bog except for the green and fertile south-east tip. To the south is the island's capital, Craighouse and to the north is Barnhill where George Orwell lived while he wrote "1984" and "Animal Farm".

The name "Jura" comes from the Norse "Dyr Oe", or "Island of deer" and deer and deer hunting are a feature of the island to this day. Jura has two geographical features of note: the three mountains known as the Paps (breasts) of Jura which rise to 2500 ft and the Gulf of Corryvreckan whose 10 knot tide race is responsible for a maelstrom of white water and whirlpools which has claimed many small boats.

The distillery is situated at Craighouse.

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