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No: 191
Region: Campbeltown
OS Sheet 68 ; Map reference NR 70 20 ; Latitude 55 26° N, Longitude 5 41° W
Founded 1836 ; Operating Status: long since closed

Campbeltown distillery, founded 1836, long since gone. Visited by Alfred Barnard, 1887

There is going to be a new whisky produced at Springbank distillery starting this July. HAZELBURN will be a tripled distilled whisky made in the traditional Scottish Lowland style using unpeated malt. 20 Casks of this whisky will be available to members of the public from the initial distillation. [as q2.97]

I wouldn't expect that they are actually claiming to have created a Lowland whisky, just a Campbeltown one in the Lowland style. They do have a record of creating novelty Whiskies - remember the legendary 'Green' Springbank? I too am sure Hazelburn will be interesting, in its own way [ib q2.97]

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