Can Scotch Whisky be described as a drink from nature?

Scotch Whisky is recognised as Scotland's national drink. It is also Scotland's natural drink.

The making of Scotch Whisky requires only materials which are provided by nature. Water, yeast and peat, plus barley for Malt Whisky and barley, maize and wheat for making Grain Whisky. The starch extracted from the cereals is mixed with clear pure water, water which has often run through ground made up of granite and peat. Peat also plays its part in the drying of the germinating barley- its smoke imparts flavour to the whisky. The yeast is added to bring about the fermentation.

Thus it can be seen that distillers and blenders of Scotch Whisky use their skill to combine materials, which nature has provided, into the world's noblest drink.

Scotch Whisky producers jealously guard the quality of their product and the environment which produces the essential ingredients.

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