Information about Scotch Whisky


An audio-visual presentation dealing with the production of Scotch Whisky forms part of the permanent exhibition at the London office of The Scotch Whisky Association.


Scotch Whisky- Questions and Answers.
Also available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese . (postage may be charged on overseas orders)

Scotch Whisky - Spirit of Scotland.
An illustrated booklet describing how Scotch Whisky is made.

The World of Scotch Whisky.
A coloured map of Scotland showing the location of whisky distilleries and containing information on the history and making of Scotch Whisky. (The Association reserves the right to limit the quantity and to charge for postage and packing)

Distillery Visitors Map.
A map which gives details of distilleries which welcome visitors.

Statistical Review.
A digest of the industry's statistics published each April in a limited edition.


available on limited loan or for sale. Spirit of Scotland - 16mm., colour-sound, or selected video format, running time 12 minutes. A new general documentary film of the Scotch Whisky Industry. Also available with commentaries in French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Colour Slide Sets

Twenty two 35 mm. colour slides illustrating the distilling and blending process.


Talks on the distilling of Scotch Whisky and on different aspects of the Scotch Whisky Industry can be arranged for societies and clubs. All enquiries for the above services and requests for further information about Scotch Whisky should be addressed to:

The Scotch Whisky Association
14 Cork Street
London W1X 1PF.
Tel: 0171-629 4384
Fax: 0171-493 1398