Summary of Interests:

Domain-Specific Representations and Reasoning

Since its commencement in January 2000, this EPSRC (UK governement) funded project has been my main research occupation. 

Assorted Documents:

(in chronological order)
  1. K. Tourlas. Semantic analysis and design of languages for Programmable Controllers. Masters Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1996 (gzip-ed postscript)
  2. S. Anderson and K. Tourlas. Diagrams and Programming Languages for Programmable Controllers. Proceedings of Formal Methods Europe 97 (gzip-ed postscript)
  3. S. Anderson and K. Tourlas. An Assessment of the IEC 1131-3 Standard On Languages for Programmable Controllers. SafeComp 97 (gzip-ed postscript)
  4. S. Anderson and K. Tourlas. A Language for Programmable Controllers. Unpublished notes detailing an operational semantics for a rationalisation of IEC 1131-3 function blocks. (gzip-ed postscript)
  5. S. Anderson and K. Tourlas. Design for Proof: An Approach to the Design of Domain-Specific Languages. Third FMICS (Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems) Workshop, 1998 (gzip-ed postscript)
  6. S. Anderson and K. Tourlas. Design for Proof: An Approach to the Design of Domain-Specific Languages. Revised version. Formal Aspects of Computing, vol 10, pages 452--468, 1998
  7. C. Gurr and K. Tourlas. Formalising Pragmatic Features of Graph-based Notations. Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages. (gzip-ed postscript)
  8. C. Gurr and K. Tourlas. Towards the Principled Design of Software Engineering Diagrams. Proceedings of ICSE 2000, the 20th International Conference on Software Engineering. (gzip-ed postscript)
  9. The slides (in gzip postscript) from a talk I gave in Birmingham on 27th October 2000. My notes will also appear here, shortly...
  10. My Ph.D thesis on Diagrammatic Representations in Domain-Specific Languages (approx. 150 pages). Abstract.
  11. J. Power and K. Tourlas. An Algebraic Foundation for Higraphs. Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Science Logic (CSL), 2001. (g-zipped postscript)
  12. J. Power and K. Tourlas. An Algebraic Foundation for Graph-based Diagrams in Computing. Proceedings of the 17th Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS), 2001. (g-zipped postscript)
  13. S. Anderson, J. Power and K. Tourlas. Reasoning in Higraphs with Loose Edges. Proceedings of the Conference on Visual Languages and Formal Methods (VLFM), 2001. (Part of the IEEE Symposium on Human-centric Computing Environments) (g-zipped postscript)
  14. S. Anderson, J. Power and K. Tourlas. Zooming-out of higraph-based diagrams: Syntactic and Semantic Issues. Proceedings of CATS 2002, the Australasian Symposium on Computing, 2002. To appear (g-zipped postscript)
  15. K. Tourlas. On Extending Diagrammatic Notations by Means of Interpretation-Constraining Features. In preparation, soon to become available on-line.
  16. I'm currently typesetting Algebras, Theories and Freeness: an Introduction for Computer Scientists. Written in 1981 by R. Burstall and J. Goguen, this is an out-of-print technical report which provides one of the most accessible, gentle introductions to universal algebra I have encountered.
Please e-mail me if you require any of the above documents in other formats.

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Related Projects at Edinburgh

Understanding Software Architectures

This is a link to Corin's work on software architectures, with emphasis on diagrammatic representations of software.

Communication in safety cases: a semantics approach

This project looked at the graphical notations used or mandated in safety cases, which are collections of documents that present the arguments for believing that a proposed potentially-dangerous system is acceptably safe.