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Hoare logic: Inversion

Given a Hoare triple tex2html_wrap_inline407 , what properties can we infer? hoare_inversion is a collection of such lemmas depending on p, S and q.

 ** Module lib_hoare_inversion Imports lib_hoare
  hoare_Inversion = ... :
    {sort|location->Type}[Env'=Env sort][prog'=prog|sort]
  hoare_inversion_cons = ... :
    {sort|location->Type}[Env'=Env sort][prog'=prog|sort]
    [Assertion=Env'->Prop]{p,p',q,q':Assertion}(limplies p p')->
    (limplies q' q)->{S:prog'}(HD p' S q')->(hoare_Inversion p' q' S)->
    hoare_Inversion p q S
  hoare_inversion = ... :
    {sort|location->Type}[Env'=Env sort][prog'=prog|sort]
    (HD p S q)->hoare_Inversion p q S

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